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“Oscar” went dark: this year, a third of all actors nominated for – dark-skinned – the Website of the newspaper Metro

last year After a racial scandal, when “Oscar” has charged that the white judge white, in the ranks of academics has changed. Summer invitation to the Academy has received 683 filmmaker, of which 41% were representatives of national minorities.

this time, academics have been working on the bugs – so many color categories have never been. Judge for yourself: in the category “Best film” four paintings depicting the fate of people of color, – “Moonlight”, “lion”, “Fences” and “Hidden form”. By the way, all these pictures started filming after the scandal.

“Moonlight” Barry Jenkins, tells about the childhood, adolescence and growing up African-American gay man from Miami, eight nominations. It is called the main competitor of the musical “La La land”.

this year a record number of colored actors among the nominees – 7 (6 black and Indian): Denzel Washington (“Fences), Maharshal Ali (“Moonlight”), Octavia Spencer (“Hidden shapes”), Naomi Harris (“Moonlight”), Dev Patel (“lion”), Ruth Negga (“Leaving”). By the way, viola Davis (“Fences”) set a record – she became the first African-American woman, received three nominations for “Oscar”. A couple of facts: Joey Macmillan became the first black woman, dominiruyushaya for film editing (“Moonlight”), and Ava Duvernay for the documentary (“the thirteenth”).

the Wife of will Smith, jada Pinkett-Smith called in the past to boycott the “Oscar” glad “variety” and “beauty” of this year’s nominees. At the same time, activist April Rayne, who is credited with the authorship of the # hashtag #OscarSoWhite (#Ascertainably), wrote on Twitter that “all this cannot undo 80 years of actual neglect of all other ethnic groups”.

the critics differ. Some accuse the award of excessive political correctness (say, I forgot many of the white masters), others say that this is the most important event in the history of “Oscar” and colored the actors were among the nominees deserved.

one thing is Clear: academics make the choice this year will be difficult.


Octavia Spencer, the first African-American woman, received the “Oscar” in 2012 in the category “Best female role of the second plan”, this year presented in the same category

“I’m glad I got nominated, but what about Latinos and Asians? This year only black and white.”

Aesthetics above market

film Critic Egor Moskvitin shared with Metro his opinion on the nominees of the upcoming Oscars

“the List of nominees shows that the Film became more sensitive to racial issues. What would now say the academics, not to associate the list of nominees with the policy of tolerance is very difficult. But to nominate does not mean reward, and it is likely that in most of the major categories of “colored” movie will lose the same “La-La Lendu”. However, and without scandal each of the films about the problems of black Americans would have been worthy of a nomination. “Laving”, “Fences” and “Hidden pieces” the strong and traditional paintings about the American dream and heroic destinies. Curiously, the most radical drama about racial conflict, which shocked many at the festival in Toronto “the Birth of a nation” – the number of nominees has not got. This is evidence that the aesthetic quality of cinema for the Academy still is above market conditions.”

we should also mention that this year its own record beat Meryl Streep she received a 20th nomination for “Oscar”. Metro reminds, what else nominated her and for what awarded.

Meryl Streep highest number of nominations among the actors in the world to nominate her for an Oscar has become a sort of tradition. On the news of another nomination 67-year-old American actress responded with a happy dance.

this time, it was nominated as best actress for her role in the melodramatic Comedy of Stephen Frears ‘ “Florence foster Jenkins” based on real events. Florence foster Jenkins – the famous singer, which completely lacked a musical ear, sense of rhythm and singing talent, but all this did not prevent her from giving concerts. She considered herself a consummate singer.

In the record Meryl already has three statues. If Streep wins, it will be the second, after Katharine Hepburn the actress, who received four Oscars. However, many critics believe that this is unlikely. This year it will have to compete with Isabelle Huppert (“It”), Ruth Negga (“Loving”), Emma stone (“La La land”) and Natalie Portman (“Jackie”). Some even believe that it was nominated for the “Golden globe” in which she criticized Donald trump.

Eskuragarri Meryl Streep

it was First put forward on “Oscar” in the category “Best supporting actress” for “deer Hunter” (1978).

His first statuette she received for her role in the film “Kramer vs. Kramer” (1980).

Many believe that “Sophie’s Choice” (1983) – best film in her career (the second “Oscar”).

29 years after the second Oscar she received a third for her role as Margaret Thatcher in the”Iron lady” .


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