Friday, January 20, 2017

Captured Palmyra terrorists destroyed the ancient monuments of architecture – the First channel

the Militants struck another blow to global cultural heritage. Today it became known that the captured Palmyra terrorists destroyed one of the main attractions – the ancient Tetrapylon and Roman amphitheater. Now special value acquire images and 3D models of monuments made in the fall of 2016, the Russian archaeologists. Scientists hope that some of the artefacts will subsequently be able to restore.

“the Roman theatre, the 25th of September 2016, in fact it’s the last good fixation of the theater. And Tetrapilon the same. Tetrapylon, speaking in simple language, is a crossroads. Street, a large colonnade, and from it another street. At the corners stood four columns, each corner was decorated with four columns,” – says the Deputy Director of the Institute of history of material culture of RAS Natalia Solovyova.

that the architectural complex Tetrapylon and the facade of the Roman theater in Palmyra blown up by militants first reported by the Syrian media. Information confirmed in the Department of antiquities and museums of Syria. On the published picture from the satellite is clearly visible destruction of Tetrapylon — of the 16 columns, only four survived. Visible and destruction of the facade of the Roman theatre.

“by UNESCO in deep shock from what was happening. I was head of mission in Palmyra in 2016, we went there to assess the damage. Now understand that he has increased. Satellite imagery does not allow us to say that the amphitheatre was lost forever. Destroyed structure of an extension according to his sides, he stood. Palmyra was situated on the crossing of paths of many civilizations. This is a very symbolic place, so the extremists and attack it,” says the Director of the Centre for cultural heritage Mechthild Ressler.

In September 2016 during the week of the expedition of the St. Petersburg scientists have made a 3D model of ancient Palmyra. The facade of the ancient Roman theatre, which probably do not, is well known not only from the history books, but from the recent history of the ancient city. Previously he was in the hands of terrorists: barbarism, murder, in the amphitheater was executed by the Keeper of the national Museum of Khaled al-Asad. In March 2016 with the help of Russian troops, the Syrian army liberated the Palmyra. And in may after our sappers cleared the city, the amphitheatre hosted a concert by the Mariinsky orchestra under Valery Gergiev.

Over the ravaged Palmyra — so about it then said Valery Gergiev sounded works by Bach, Prokofiev, Shchedrin. Violin drowned out the echoes of the artillery rounds.

the Residents returned to their homes. But in mid-December, 2016 after the terrorist attacks of Syrian government forces retreated, the city was again in the hands of militants. About 80% of the population managed to evacuate. Others have actually been hijacked. On the eve of human rights activists reported that the terrorists executed 12 people. Including teachers and civil servants. Where did the rebels get reinforcements, this week said the Russian defense Ministry.

“the actions of the coalition groups, led by the United States under Iraqi city of Mosul, has largely been reduced to squeezing in the Eastern part of Syria a significant force of ISIS which almost seamlessly transfer the firearms, explosives, and manpower in the direction of Palmyra. We got information, confirmed by several sources, the transfer of a large amount of explosives in the Palmyra, with the aim of destroying the ISIL terrorists to world historical heritage in the city”, – said the head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of Armed forces of Russia Sergey rudskoy.

When the Ancient Palmyra in March 2016 was repulsed the militants, historians, art historians, restaurateurs were making plans for the future. Then said recovery will take five to seven years. But irretrievably lost triumphal arch, the temple of Bel, the tombs of the local patricians. Now, scientists say, one can only hope that when Palmyra will be able to release, in the Ancient city will still be what to restore.


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