Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opened in Moscow “the Philharmonia-2″: Medvedev has called justifiable billion investment in its repair – NEWSru.com

In Moscow yesterday opened three new rooms of “Philharmonia-2″. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at a ceremony in the Olympic village, called justified the investment of huge amounts of money in major repairs and construction of new premises of concert and theater complex, according to Interfax. He stressed that in the halls was created perfect acoustic conditions for the music.

“the reconstruction, purchase of equipment to issues, including acoustic, not to mention the repair of the complex, was allocated a considerable budget – over one billion,” – said Medvedev. “But I would like to say that see these investments as absolutely justified. This is a contribution to the development of our culture,” he said.

According to him, the Moscow Philharmonic “from 1940, not received additional premises, and its audience has grown significantly”. Now the teams will have new opportunities on a new site, said the Prime Minister.

Updated set of “Philharmonia-2″ includes four new halls: the concert-theatrical, virtual concert and a play. Theatre and concert hall is designed for 215 seats, and its acoustics allows you to arrange performances of small Symphony orchestras. Virtual concert hall seats 166 seats and equipped with modern video and sound equipment of high quality. A games room is available for 50 young viewers with their parents.

Medvedev in the company of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and Director of the Philharmonic Alexei. first examined virtual hall, which at that time broadcast a performance by pianist Denis Matsuev. He then proceeded in a small concert hall, where musicians were rehearsing. Medvedev inspected and a large rehearsal room, reports TASS.

In the next room for the Prime Minister performed variations on the theme of “Kalinka” – Medvedev has applauded the skill of the performers. In turn, jazz musicians welcomed the Prime Minister with music.

Later at a concert in the Rachmaninov Hall was made by the pianist Denis Matsuev and Symphony orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic under the direction of Dimitris Botinis.

Moscow state academic Philharmonic society established in 1922 year. Concert hall named after P. I. Tchaikovsky was opened October 12, 1940. To expand the venues of the Moscow Philharmonic in 2014 work began on the reconstruction of the Concert hall in the Olympic village, built for the Olympics in 1980, and creating a new concert and theater complex “Philharmonia-2″.

“Philharmonia-2″ includes a large concert hall named after Rachmaninoff, theatre and concert hall, the virtual concert hall and a games hall as well as rehearsal space. Grand opening of a concert hall of a name of Rakhmaninov took place in December 2014.

the Uniqueness of “Philharmonia-2″ that in the rehearsal halls of a total area of over thousand square meters can simultaneously rehearse for about 400 people. Seven rehearsal rooms fully Soundproofed.


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