Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Survivors Elvis Presley appeared in public Days.Ru

Since the death of the king of rock-n-roll has been more than 39 years, but his fans still believe in the impossible. Millions of people around the world confidently declare that Elvis Presley is alive.

fans of the singer are almost annually provide “proof” of his theory, and 2017 is no exception. January 8, in celebration of the 82nd birthday of the cult of the musician was spotted an unknown man. According to fans, this is it – the old idol of their youth.

Every year on the day of his birth “the king” (January 8) fans gather at Graceland in Memphis. In this place, in August 1977, Presley found his death at the age of 42 years died from a drug overdose. Rumors that the death of the musician was staged, appeared almost on the day following his death. Fans simply can’t believe that Presley is no more.

In December last year, Elvis was “discovered” in one of the scenes of the legendary Comedy “home Alone”. Overweight man vaguely resembling Presley in the film shows only a few seconds, but for many that was enough to confidently exclaim: “Presley is alive!”. Recall shooting the Christmas Comedy started already 10 years after the death of Elvis, and so he could not take part in them.

this time the fans were given something else to do. See scenes plump man with a white beard? According to fans of the king of rock-n-roll, this man is none other than Elvis Presley. Came to celebrate with the fans its 82 anniversary.

Photo: facebook.com

the social network Facebook has formed a whole community of “Elvis is alive”, the subscribers which is more than 15 thousand people. However, no other “evidence” that their idol is not dead, they are no longer published.


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