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“Golden eagle” rushed to the “Paradise” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Best film at the “Golden eagle” became “Paradise”. Best Director – Andrey Konchalovsky, again for “Paradise”. Best actress – Julia avatar back to “Paradise”. And, of course, it is easy to imagine the comments to this post – “Again Nikita Mikhalkov rewards!”

Well, Yes, Nikita Mikhalkov is the permanent patron of the “Golden eagle”, Konchalovsky is his older brother, and Vysotskaya daughter – in-law, in General, such a film “Relatives”. However, I would like to remind you that “Paradise” completely objectively, was the most worthy of films submitted for the award. In the end, he received the best Director award at the Venice film festival. And, though not among the five nominees for the “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign film”, all the same in December got into the shortlist includes nine paintings. In Venice, and L.A. did not care whose Konchalovsky’s brother, and what his seniority is to assess only the quality of a particular tape.

in addition, competitors at the “Paradise” was frankly weak. “Collector” Alexey students initially suffered from mad, desperately implausible scenario that couldn’t even pull a keira Knightley. “Duelist” was a great failure in all respects with producer Alexander Rodnyansky it for the sake of experiment decided to entrust the expensive historical blockbuster Moody Arthouse film Director Alexei Mizgirev that treated the genre like the mechanic-intellectual Polesov with a gate house No. 5 is dismantled, and could not collect. (“Duelist”, however, still received the prizes “for the beauty” – cinematographer Maxim Osadchy, and for the work of the costume designer and art Director). About “the crew of the” Nikolay Lebedev, commercially viable, but otherwise pointless remake great the movie Alexander Mitta, and say once again you do not want. The most appropriate of conditional Russian “blockbuster” 2016 seems to me the “Icebreaker” Nicholas Khomeriki – personally, I would be very happy if award for best actor in a supporting role was won by Alexander PAL (in one heartbreaking scene, he weeps like a baby after he smashed the guitar) – well, or, alternatively, a leopard seal, in no less spectacular episode prikidyvaesh, there is or is not the hero Peter Fedorov.

But seriously, a real contender for the title of the best Russian film of the year was “Paradise”. It’s not cronyism, it’s true. Could award the “Student” Kirill government, but his anti-clerical Paphos obviously not found and could not find the Academy understanding. And other outstanding films and recall difficult (sorry, but I, unlike most critics, don’t you think outstanding hits of the last “Kinotavr”, “Good boy” and “Zoology”). Well, that’s really “the year of the Russian movie” we went out, even the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at the beginning of the ceremony announced that in 2016, Russian films grossed some sort of record box office, and announced that the “year of Russian cinema” will be followed by “the era of Russian cinema.”

Best actor named Ivan Jankowski for “the Queen of Spades”. Competitors it was Pyotr Fyodorov (“Duelist”) and Danila Kozlovsky (“Crew”). Jankowski from the stage, gave a warm and quite fair words to them: “Guys, you are a very good, serious actors”. Theater-goers regularly attending the performances of Sergei Zhenovach, told me that you and Ivan Jankowski shows them as a very good, serious artist; it is a pity that it is in “the Queen of Spades”, was a bad film by Pavel Lungin, you can’t even see, and no prize for this picture of Ivan would not have received if he had behind him stood the Ghost of the great grandfather.

Generally, the ceremony was quick and smooth, lasted only two – and-a-half hours is generally a distinct advantage of the “Golden eagle”, for example, before “Nika”, the sprawling five hours because of the overlap and the universal desire to chat more. On the other hand, and bright phrases to remember difficult is that Sergei Garmash, awarding the prize of Yulia Vysotskaya, lamented that he could not speak as subtle as the speakers before him, Igor wernick – and Vysotskaya, coming on the scene and reported that the prize was for it a complete surprise (for her alone, let’s be honest – the whole room somehow guessed) said, that prefers rough and brutal.

the award for outstanding contribution to Russian cinema of the 71-year-old Nikita Mikhalkov’s 81-year-old Vasily Lebanon, his partner in “the hound of the Baskervilles”, a wonderful actor and Director of the cartoon about the Bremen town musicians. Mikhalkov recalled the get-togethers, where, in the late 50s or early 60s, was attended by his elder brother Andrew, and Andrew I, Gennady Shpalikov and Lebanon – Mikhalkov, as the youngest, then sent to carry hidden parents vodka. (“I thought then that someday I will hand him…”) Livanov also put on the “Golden eagle” all his medals. The day before he put them on and to meet with Putin, where he uttered the famous first speech (“You expressed your thoughts about what you can be, and it is not necessary to continue the activities of the President. You know wh at, Vladimir Vladimirovich, if you ever carefully look up to the sky, you will hear a voice: “don’t move!”) By “Golden eagle” Livanov nothing about Putin did not say – but said that the order need to wear at every opportunity, “till they became, as said Faina Ranevskaya, funeral accessories”.


Best actor in a supporting role: Sergey Shakurov (“Crew”)

Best female actor in a supporting role: Elena Yakovlev (“the best day”)

Best actor on television: Konstantin Lavronenko (“Klim”)

Best actress on television: Olga Pogodina (“Margarita Nazarov“)

Best screenplay: Yuri Arabov (“the Monk and the demon”)

Best TV movie or mini-series (10 episodes): “Klim”

the Best TV series (10 episodes): “Quiet flows the don”

the Best music, sound, editing and visual effects: “the Crew”

Best art of makeup and cosmetic special effects: “the Queen of Spades”

Best non-fiction film: “the Bloody tusks”, Director Sergei photography

Best animated film: “the cat and the mouse”, directed by Natalia Chernyshov

Best short film: “Mama”, directed by Kirill Mikhail Pletnev

Best foreign film in the Russian hire: “The survivors”


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