Monday, January 16, 2017

The Moscow city court decided to block the leaked episode of “Sherlock” – RBK

Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Sherlock Holmes

Photo: BBC

the Moscow city court decided to limit access to posted on the Internet of pirated copies of a new episode of “Sherlock”. With a claim on 16 January I addressed the “First channel”. Roskomnadzor will block them during the day.

the Moscow city court restricted access to pirated copies of a new episode of “Sherlock”. About it “RIA Novosti” said the press service of the court.

they said that the judge “passed the decision on taking interim measures”.

the Statement came in the afternoon of 16 January, told RBC press Secretary of the Moscow city court Cyril grouse. The lawsuit was filed by “First channel”, he demanded to block the latest series of “Sherlock”, which is posted on the Internet, previously reported by RNS in a press-service of the Moscow city court. It originally was on the introduction of interim measures. The Respondent was the hosting provider 3NT Solution LLP.

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“the First channel” now has 15 days to prepare the claim in court about blocking pirated copies of the series. “During this time, the owner is entitled to sue the distributor if he will not voluntarily remove the material of the show,” said RBC Cyril grouse.

the Claim of “First channel” was the copy of the series, which was posted on the website, says TASS with reference to the press service of the court. The decision of the court during the day will go to the Roskomnadzor, said in court RNS.

a New episode of “Sherlock” in the Russian voice of “channel one”, which is the official distributor in Russia appeared on the Internet on January 14. Its official, the show was scheduled for 00:01 GMT on 16 January on “the First channel”. In the UK, the show started a minute earlier on channel Bi-bi-si.

Representative of the “First channel” Larissa Krymova has linked the leak with the hackers. According to Krymova, after the release of “First” maintains close contact with the Bi-Bi-si. The British broadcaster has also started its own investigation of the incident. “Bi-Bi-si took very seriously the violation of strict security protocols, and we began a full investigation of the circumstances of the leak,” — said the representative of the British channel.

the authors of the series after the release of information about the leak has appealed to all the TV audience with a request not to distribute leaked the episode. “We are aware that the third episode of “Sherlock” had been illegally uploaded to the online access. If you find this link, please do not distribute it” — they said in the official Twitter of the series.

the British TV series “Sherlock” production company Hartswood Films produced for BBC Wales. The plot is based on the works of writer Arthur Conan Doyle about detective Sherlock Holmes with a modern twist.


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