Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women against trump. Thousands of actions took place across America.

a Wave of protests swept America after the inauguration of Donald trump. “Women’s March” resounded throughout the country. Came to about two million people. The streets of Chicago, Boston, Miami, new York, Washington turned into a pink river — all participants were given caps of that color. The demonstrations came, including the stars of show business. Some, like singer Madonna, did not hesitate in expressions.

Donald Trump, hardly taken over a four-year tour of duty in the United States, have managed what seemed impossible — to make American women, like in the last century, when the prosperous feminism was in its infancy, to go to fight for their rights. A symbol of the protest pink caps. Slogans — “We will not shut up”, “All for our children”, “America — the great hatred — no” (a reference to trunovskogo “let’s make America great again”) and even quite sudden for Washington “France doesn’t support trump”.

in the women’s promotions were not only women, but everybody who feels slighted trump. For example, representatives of sexual minorities and the administration of Barack Obama. Over the human wave of protesters stood face yesterday Secretary of state John Kerry, released a demonstration with Labrador Ben. And among the speakers at the rally was a well-known Director Michael Moore, who came in with fresh newspaper.

“,”trump takes power.” I don’t think! Here it is the power, here! Here, most here the real America!” — said filmmaker Michael Moore.

the Event attracted an incredible number of participants in the capital alone, half a million. Or here is dry, more specific and very significant figures that by 11 a.m., that is, to the beginning of the event, the Washington metro has used 275 thousand people. The day of the inauguration of the trump to the same hour subway 193 thousand. And the quality is not inferior to the number of celebrities dazzled eyes. Charlize Theron, cher, Alicia keys, Scarlett Johansson… Finally, Madonna herself. However, the participation of the organizers, not possible, sorry: the pop diva, who proclaimed a “revolution of love against tyranny”, rather quickly ended the censorship of speech.

“In our unity lies strength. And those who say that this March to anything will not lead, I say go…” — said Madonna.

When the star cursed again, the sound of the television muted, while the moderator apologized — they say, it’s Madonna, who knew her mind. But apart from this action without bullying. No one, as before, do not hit the shop Windows and overturned rubbish bins: the women’s March is women’s March.

the same pattern was observed in other cities, if not less exciting turnout of 150 thousand in Chicago, 125 in Boston, hundreds of thousands in Los Angeles. Covered with snow, rallied even in Alaska.

“I’m older than you, right? I never went to any demonstrations, but is now out. Because the one who needs to take care of us, doesn’t care about us at all!” — said the participant of the action.

And what about trump? And trump day women’s March was devoted to dealing with brutal men — visited the headquarters of the CIA, with whom the new President a very strained relationship. The head of state obviously wanted to fix them — promised full support and complained about the unfair media. Citing in particular a recent example: the newspaper wrote that on inauguration day, trump had ordered the removal from the Oval office the bust of Martin Luther king, and he, as it turned out, and now there.


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