Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anastasia Tikhanovich of his father’s illness: We did everything we could… But that cure is impossible – Komsomolskaya Pravda

the Death of Alexander Tikhanovich for many was a complete surprise and shock. Thousands of condolences, shares his songs and photos in social networks, memories. And the question: “Why did he die? Why so early?” After all, people’s artist was only 64 years old.

the Daughter of artist Anastasia Tikhanovich called “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the diagnosis of the disease suffered by her father. It reads: autoimmune lung disease – idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis. It is a rare disease that live for 3-4 years. Alexander Tikhanovich lived with him for almost 7 years. The fact that the actor lost so much weight over the past year – one of the manifestations of the disease.

- Radical treatment to date does not exist, it can only slow down, what we were doing, told us Nastya. A year ago he suffered a degradation, and it too long was in the hospital. We did everything possible, he went for treatment in Germany. Unfortunately, it is a disease to be cured is impossible. Dad really didn’t want to about the disease knew the General public. Therefore, we have not made public statements and not collected funds. He wanted to stay active, to be on stage as much as possible.

Anastasia Tikhanovich with his father. Photo:

it was their last concert on January 13 at the presidential ball, he worked, and on January 14, was in the hospital. He was very hard already January 13, and saw it all. But he did everything he could.

Alexander Tikhanovich was in the hospital under an oxygen mask for almost two weeks, but in those moments when she took off, tried to smile to reassure his relatives, who were nearby. He behaved very courageously until the very last moment.

I was with him until the end, – says Anastasia.

Farewell to Alexander Tikhanovich will be held on 30 January in Minsk

to say goodbye to the national actor Belarus will be in the Church of Alexander Nevsky (Kozlov, 11), where at 7: 45 will begin a divine Liturgy. After it the funeral service (approximately 8.45 am). A memorial service will be held in the Philharmonic hall, from 11.00 to 14.00. The national actor will be buried at Moscow cemetery in Minsk.

Tikhanovich were always the first to open arms: Friends remember national artist

Georgi Volchek, the actor:

I just want to say that are treated like his pop father. In dashing 90-e I came to his theater songs, and together we traveled the world thanks to his good relations with everyone. It was to the Soviet artistic school, such people have not left more – he was a singer, completely devoid of star disease. Sasha was always the first with open arms, even to strangers. Some of it surprised and even shocked. I once asked him why he was all hugs. He said so and God is embracing, all the people of God. But you don’t know – I was surprised. Maybe you do – with a smile replied Sasha. He was a very religious man, spent much time in Church, knew all the prayers. And God was saving it for a long time. (read more)


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