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Mom Buzova: In five years, Olga took little sister to the nursery for a few kilometers from the house – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Last year brought the birthday girl a lot of disappointment: the scandalous parting with the football player Dmitry Tarasov and the attack of hackers. But, it seems, Olga Buzova can not be broken. Having lived through the depression, socialite returned to normal life appears on television, gives concerts, travels and pleases fans of his creativity.

Before his birthday, she has released a new video and song “Used”. Just a few hours the song broke into the first place of the Russian pop-music rankings. But His is not only a singer, and even actress, model and television presenter. About how socialite made such a success, we decided to ask her mother – Irina Buzova.

do you have some secret raise a daughter?

Yes, I didn’t raise Olya! Nowadays parents are working, otherwise – not to feed himself or the children. Since midnight working day. What was born – it was born. It’s me God gave this child, I have nothing to do with.

But it does not happen. Maybe you’re just modest?

- the Main thing was health. This I dedicated a lot of time. She’s a born swimmer and tempered. I think that the main job of every parent: to give health and to instill values that are not declared and manifested in life. And what to do to a child – it’s his choice.

Now Olga and television presenter, singer, and actress, and model. And what she was fond of as a child?

Olga Buzova always loved the stage.

- She always was doing something. It was her desire, never the house is not sitting. Was in a hurry to live, and she always had something interesting: whether it be skating, drawing, karate or courses of cutting and sewing. It’s better than lying on the couch and offend the whole world. As the saying goes: “than the child played, just not hung”.

why? Because it is often the parents trying to make children their own unfulfilled dreams. You haven’t?

Hold on the Russian “show business”

- It was not a dream, but I wanted to play the piano. Then the tool was very expensive for us, we work on it earned. I even hired a for it the teachers, but she didn’t like to Bang on the keys. So I had to give up piano in good hands. You know – to carry it from the fifth floor – work great.

It is not a good student, graduated with silver medal…

Olya stubborn girl. I diary only painted, not demanded from the daughter of fives. Obviously, this is a “excellent pupil syndrome”. My husband and I both krasnodiplomniki, she wanted not to lose face. Think this is not right. Why fight for someone’s rating? Finally she has started to understand it and to depart from this principle. Growing up girl.

And where is the persistence?

- And how can you not be stubborn? When Olga went to kindergarten, and her younger sister Anna (the difference between the sisters – two-year – approx.ed.) in a manger, we were not driven. And in the snow and in the heat they were using the railway crossing on the Black river. Bottom rattle of the train, Kolomyazhsky Prospekt crazy traffic. Obviously, that such girls will not be lost in this life.

Olga Buzova with her mother and younger sister Anna.

Now the web is full of news that Olga moved to Spain. Whether she leaves Russia?

that is ridiculous. It’s just a country that she loves. And I like it. There is a good climate, friendly people. The utiasheva , for example, no one asks why they Will bought a house there. You do realize that half of local stars lives. Why so much interest about a single word Oli – this is ridiculous! To move she’s not going anywhere. Why? Yes, she loves to travel. Call her – she will go. She is curious about everything new. Even if it is in a tent or a wooden hut.

what are Olga’s plans for the coming year. Perhaps the new theatrical role or music video?

- You know, for mom as long as the child was not sick. No matter how old he is. I so deeply did not look. I care that she is in a good mood, and next to her faithful people.

Not so long ago, it was different. Not only true…

- this year, a girlfriend gave her a wonderful gift. The surprise they were preparing for a whole month. My daughter is happy. And that was last year? Only the hypocritical “song”: “I’m with you,” “I to the grave,” “let’s build a house”. And what it has evolved? This compare with what is presented to girls? That is the real price issue! It is remarkable that this experience is. It had to go through. But if she again will step on the rake, what can we do? I’ll be there.

a Surprise from friends for Olga Buzova.

the Past year was not the best in the life of Olga. Hope all will be well.

- When all the turmoil sidestep – bored. Not what to remember when all the chocolate. Really enjoy the taste of this delicacy with a salty herring. Life – she is. All must alternate.


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