Saturday, January 28, 2017

A film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” received the award “Golden eagle” in two categories – the First channel

In Moscow, announced the winners of the “Golden eagle”. This year’s prestigious national award – the jubilee statuette awarded for the fifteenth time. The intrigue remained until the last minute. Who will get the awards, it was hard to predict, among the nominees were box-office hits and television, works by major masters, tape and actors, who already have major success – the recognition of the audience. Cherished the Eagles – in the picture, which was aired on the First channel. This time was a new nomination.

the Two main “eagle” – in one hand. Andrei Konchalovsky became the best Director barely had time to return to your seat in the audience, as again I had to get up on stage. His painting “Paradise” was recognized as best fiction film.

“Irina Kupchenko said that youth is good to get the award. I must tell you that at any age they are nice to get,” says Andrei Konchalovsky.

In the film “Ray” Konchalovsky shows hell, through which passed people during the Second World war, when the violence of the soul is worse than the abuse of the body in German concentration camps. Beaten but unbroken. For his role of Russian emigrant Olga’s best recognized actress Julia Vysotskaya.

“This kind of work for any artist — this is happiness! To work with her husband too well. Try it! You have a husband? Try to work with him,” laughs Julia.

the Best actor was Ivan Yankovsky for his performance in the film of Pavel Lungin “the Queen of Spades”. After the ceremony, the grandson of the legendary Oleg Yankovsky admitted – this award was a complete surprise to him.

“I just get pleasure from the unknown, and the unknown in this profession”, he said.

Best TV movie or mini-series was the climate control. In this nomination for the award fought two projects, which was aired on the First channel. The story of a major criminal investigation by the name of Klim. fought with the picture of “Fartsa” on the criminal and underground millionaire Jan Rokotov. And this time the police were a step ahead. The investigator in a unique and rigid approach to work is so impressed with the advice of the filmmakers that the actor they recognized the best actor on television.

“thank you, Konstantin Lavronenko, that he agreed to fool around with us and become a wolf, man-wolf at the time,” said producer Alexander Tsekalo.

How to choose the winner in the nomination “the Best foreign film in the Russian hire”? Guests to the last bid. The Thriller Steven Spielberg’s “Spy bridge” or ironic drama woody Allen’s “the high life”? After Oscar academicians jury recognized leader painting “Survivors” Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

In the short list of awards, the most of blockbuster films. No wonder that this year two new categories – for the best work of makeup artist and special effects plastic “eagle” flew to the picture of Paul Lungina “the Queen of Spades”. Another new feature is the prize for visual effects. Its expected of the film “Crew” by Nikolai Lebedev. The picture became the champion by quantity of the won “Golden eagles”: best supporting actor (Sergei Shakurov), music for the film. The picture brought victory to the sound engineer and editor.

the Best movies and TV shows, including the award winning “Golden eagle”, can be seen on the website of the online cinema of the First channel >>


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