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After the crash of Tu-154 Alexandrov ensemble decided to restore your choir – Moscow Komsomolets

“Yeah, let’s call the new guys but still professional ear understand: this won’t be the same.”

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From January 16, ensemble. Alexandrov starts a competition for a replacement, alas, now the vacant posts of the soloists and actors of chorus and ballet. The brunt of the crash over the Black sea on 25 December caused, of course, the magnificent choir, and now 25 January will audition singers between 18 and 45 years old, having academic education and experience… it is Clear that to find the cool kids — no problem, all sorts of choirs in Moscow is abysmal. But the ensemble apart from prestige gives stable employment, tours, all sorts of benefits, so willing. The problem is that those who died, never to return. And this gaping void long about yourself will remind.

После катастрофы Ту-154 ансамбль Александрова решил восстановить свой хор

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Information on auditions daily from 11.00 to 18.00 in the Agricultural lane, we have confirmed the leadership of the ensemble. I think, from those who will not rebound. However, the situation with part of the choir of the Alexandrov ensemble we very accurately commented Boris Tarakanov, creative Director of a Large choir of RSUH, a lifetime passion and developing choral movement.

— the Alexandrov Ensemble is characterized by the fact, — said Boris — that is a unique Soviet know-how in music history was nothing like this. This Association choir beginning orchestra (not even Russian folk instruments, and complex team where a violin can coexist with Bayan), the ensemble was a generator of new ideas, and is a succession of Golden traditions were always there, it is very fed coming again. Some endless secrets, skills were passed on to the young. It is clear that the dashing 90-ies of the ensemble — and all should be shaken, but the team resisted. Left signature sound, signature repertoire; the concept, despite the repertory experiments, virtually unchanged.

But all this went on before the crash…

— it’s really hard to talk about it now, because when I published the list of victims, I found that every second my friend. With Khalil we did a lot of programs that were almost friends. And my head does not fit, you’ll never see him again. So we lost not just a team, and the team is the bearer of traditions. That’s the difference. Yes, let’s call the new guys — guys vocal, which is good, and maybe even plays the signature sound of aleksandrovets, but still professional ear understand that it won’t be the same.

That is just another choir?

— Another river, another water. The other energy. The cult of the traditions of this plane crash just destroyed (lost 96% of the choir, according to my calculations, almost all). Recruit people — not a problem at all, is to snap your fingers, and you will have 10 people in place. Especially now the market offers among the singers is very sick in Moscow actively travel regions. The problem is that this new meeting singing to make the Alexandrov ensemble. Not just a military men’s choir, and the fact that all was already a household name. To collect men easy to dress them up in form, but incredibly difficult to recreate the spirit. I now have one friend called a soloist of the ensemble. I ask, “can’t You fly?”. And he said, “I did not take, did not have time to learn repertoire.” And that ignorance saved his life. And there are more of these, maybe a dozen.


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