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Cumberbatch: Sherlock is just a man and nothing human is alien to him – the Russian Newspaper

within the number of days before the long-awaited premiere of the fourth season of “Sherlock” *remind, before the Russian premiere only a few hours) Benedict Cumberbatch, like his colleague, Louise Thomas, gave an interview to the BBC stating exclusively on the psychological and the cinematic image of the great detective, and also about what actor to play the role inherent to it countless times.

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As it turned out, the Christmas episode was met with mixed feelings, not only the audience, but also one of the leading actors, but for a different reason. Again to wear the coat Sherlock after costumes of the Victorian era was very pleasant, especially compared to the shirts with starched collars and old-fashioned suit with the front cylinder. However, the shooting of “modern” Sherlock took place in the summer, so the coat was too hot. But, anyway, this coat is an integral part of Sherlock, his armor.

In the new season, many things will appear in a different light due to the fact that in the life of the main characters, many things will change – first of all, the couple Watson born child. They have parental responsibilities. Newborn care – the case itself is difficult, but when the background starts the investigation of crimes, it becomes much more difficult.

Sherlock finds himself in new traits: he cares about the couple and strongly protects the family of his friend, but in matters concerning the child, not particularly knowledgeable, and may not speak in a familiar role of authority in intellectual matters. On this subject, Cumberbatch sarcastically expresses the hope that his own parental skills and ability to communicate with children in real life a little bit better than Sherlock. Consulting detective with all this trying to put on a mask of indifference, and sometimes it looks very funny. But, regardless of the external manifestations, it belongs to John, Mary and their daughters with deep love. He’s sort of their guardian angel.

Responding to a question about how he worked on the role of Sherlock, the actor precedes his explanation of the comment Sherlock do not come from nowhere. He passed all the stages of growing up, inherent to all human beings: infancy, childhood, adolescence, youth, early youth in the first season he appears before the audience in the age of thirty. We know something about his family: for example, he has an older brother named Mycroft and parents. But what was his childhood like? Cumberbatch admits that he wanted to learn everything about him possible, at the very beginning because he had to play the most famous and most frequently appear on the screen of the fictional detective of all time. To create an image of the actor always need to know more about the biography of your character, because the work role is not only and not so much the transmission of certain attitudes, behaviors and mannerisms. He tried to reinforce its action based on the facts of the understanding of who this man really is.

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the answer to the question about what makes the role so attractive Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch starts from a distance – regardless of the object’s main professional interest is invariably the creation of your character through a fascinating narrative and some camerastore in the process. Without a doubt, return to the game in the way that has already become habitual, can not be pleasant because it entails an opportunity to come together once again to convey the most interesting in your character… In his acting career Cumberbatch not often come back to previously played roles, and “Sherlock” can not be considered a series in the full sense of the word – currently captured only twelve episodes and one Christmas movie, and it’s not much. But regardless of the format, the way the great detective is always the most desirable role for each actor. And this crew, among other things, manages to create work of excellent quality and outstanding aes thetic appeal. And that’s really saying a lot, since the low-cost project is simply inappropriate to compare the opportunities of artists and designers in the movies with a big budget, what you have to work with production team of “Sherlock”. The same applies to the time allotted for bringing the plans to perfection – both in theory and in practice.

BBC Journalist with a sense of humor notes that the fourth season was broken an unwritten rule of filmmaking – never, if you can avoid it, do not need to use the shooting of children and animals. Cumberbatch happy to have picked up the thread of the conversation and once again spoke about a very cranky dog breed is the Bloodhound, which, according to the original plan, was supposed to appear in the first episode. A dog that managed to find for filming, was very friendly, but obviously not suited for the urban environment – it scared the very presence in the city centre and crowds of people, besides, he was not accustomed to the movement on a solid asphalt surface. One of the scenes filmed at the London borough market-market, there just was full of people, and on the floor is asphalt and gravel. In the end, Amanda Abbington have to forcibly drag a poor animal on the streets of London, while initially it was assumed otherwise. And it was very funny.

as for kids – all went surprisingly smoothly. Recently experienced the joy of fatherhood, the actor is fully aware how difficult to adjust to the daily routine of the child up to a year. It makes you concentrate on what is happening at any given moment, to descend from heaven to earth, for example, to stop constantly fuss about their game – bringing in the filming process such elements that complicate it, always a pleasure.

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Many, not without reason, puzzled over, forcing Sherlock to behave, to put it mildly, extravagant in dealing with people – their inability to keep up with the speed and direction of his thoughts, or his own perfectionism? Benedict Cumberbatch believes that everything is just the opposite: the character Junior, Holmes was influenced by the fact that he, being a man, trying to become Superman. What we called the rules of politeness, for it is something unacceptable, that it diverts attention from the important things – and the level of his thinking process truly unimaginable. It is not that the world around is boring and stupid – it is necessary to suppress a large number of external stimuli to constantly stay on an acceptable intellectual level – in particular, in relation to the world.

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Cumberbatch Further developing this topic in such an unexpected angle that inevitably makes you listen to his words carefully, at least, due to the fact that the content of the official trailer for the new season screams of confusion and vulnerability Sherlock, who just cannot understand that “game over.”

the actor believes that, probably, selective clipping of some aspects of reality and is a real weakness for Sherlock – he sometimes does not notice what is happening under his nose. It’s a blind spot they deliberately disregarded – because it is important for him to be unmatched not only in the investigation of complicated cases. He has a complicated relationship with the world. He needs to stay the way he himself created, in order to win. But at the same time the chosen way of interacting with what is outside, is depriving him of the opportunity to realize some obvious things. From the point of view of cinematic storytelling is a great technique – because the viewer is in the dark about what is outside the field of view of the detective. His dullness shows the diversity of life, but in the world, of course, there are a lot of things, people, events – what caught the detective by surprise. He is no Superman, he is a man of flesh and blood, which… ; err.


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