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In Smolny took the decision to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church – tvnz

a Fundamental decision was made. And it is radically different from what was announced in the fall of 2015. Confirmed in Smolny, St. Isaac’s Cathedral will give the Russian Orthodox Church.

- the decision that now nothing hinders us in the transfer of the Cathedral Church according to the Federal legislation, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg” press Secretary of the Governor Andrey Kibito. – ROC gave us assurances that, firstly, in the Cathedral will continue the Museum and educational activities and, secondly, the Church will take on the burden of current expenses. It was the doubt on those two paragraphs is not possible to reach an agreement on the transfer last time. Now the decision was taken at a high level: agreement has been reached between the Governor and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Andrei Kibito said that in the coming days, and even months, the Council passed the Church will not. As you know, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, we are talking roughly about the end of the year. Although according to the Director of a Museum of Nikolay Burov, to meet such deadlines is almost impossible. Moreover, in situation there is a third party – the Ministry of culture.

- requires a series of complicated negotiations with the Ministry, because the Cathedral is under the protection of UNESCO, explained to Kibito. – It contains a lot of Museum objects. And who will now be responsible for them – this will be elaborated in the road map.

Note that the Cathedral will become the property of the Church. We are talking about “unlimited free use”. ROC, as we have said above assumes the current costs of maintenance and repair. But if we will talk about something more serious overhaul, it already will decide on urovne Committee, the city and perhaps even the Federation.

we Add that it is unlikely that the transfer process will be quiet. Opponents of this decision have already promised to go to court.

In my opinion, this is a huge mistake. And it will be fixed, says MP Boris Wisniewski. – I believe that my rights and interests, this decision will be violated. See you in court. Want second Okhta center? You will get it. Back then we were also told that the “issue is resolved”. To remind you, what happened then?


that decision was made the Director of the Cathedral Nikolay Burov has learnt from journalists. Only this morning we were rassuzhday about how it will look like hypothetically, and in the evening hypothesis became reality. Now Nikolay Vitalievich obviously upset. And somewhere not so much the solution itself, as the fact that he called a “betrayal.”

- I used to trust securities. And papers I no have not seen. I would like to still see the signature under the document, he said, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. But I believe that this decision, if adopted, anti – state. You know, when the war we are surrounded by, hoping for help from “big land”. And when you betray your…. I think, whether to go “in Vlasov”.

- Your contract will expire on June 5. Given the new circumstances, if you propose to extend it, you will agree?

No. I’m flawed projects not ready to participate. In this situation, definitely not.

But a statement on the table now put will not?

- I Have work to do. You need to take care of the objects from the Museum FOD to resolve issues with the planned restorations, to hand over the operation.

- Now the “Museum of four cathedrals” there is only one….

- And of the Savior on Blood “will eat” to follow. We can say that the Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” has ceased to exist as such.


At the end of July 2015 it became known that the Russian Orthodox Church, guided by the law on transfer to religious organizations of property of religious appointment, wants to take Isaac’s Cathedral. His fate hung in the balance and was not “secular” favor. In the referendum on the fate of the Cathedral, refused. To protect the current status of a Cathedral have expressed the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who said that it would be better if the museums and cathedrals of St. Petersburg will remain on the balance of the city. In early September of that year, George project said that the transfer of the Cathedral is impractical, it must be saved under the jurisdiction of the city and to continue the existing practice of sharing.

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- to move the exposure in the Duma – where the horse is not lying, explains Burov. – Huge, 40 – its all messed up, work for three years (both buildings donated to the Museum in return given to the Church Smolny and Sampsonievsky cathedrals – approx. ed.). What to do with those thousands of items that are both Museum exhibits, and interior items? Now they meet two “scapegoat” – the Director and chief curator (read more).


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