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Johnny Depp gave his ex-wife seven million dollars, two dogs and a horse – Komsomolskaya Pravda

That’s all: marriage johnny Deppand amber heard ended after a relatively short divorce process. Speculation about what the actor can share with the wife half of its 400 million status remain speculation: Depp ex-wife paid only 7 million. Amber says that he is going to spend it on charity. Strictly speaking, agreements were reached in August, lawyers arguing only about the details (whether, for example, johnny immediately transfer the money to a charitable organization?) In the end, all was settled, and the court in LosA. put in the relationship of johnny and amber bullet.

Now the public is more likely worried about the fate of Pets Depp and heard’s Yorkshire Terrier Pistol and BU. They gained worldwide fame in the spring of 2015: the spouses have not specified them in the customs Declaration when carried along with a Australia, that on the border has problems, and one of the senior Australian officials announced that the Terriers should be either extradited back California, or euthanized. (In Australia severe veterinary legislation – in particular, the authorities fear that the dogs in the country can be imported leptospirosis and rabies). After a small scandal a Pistola and BU took back to United States, and it is now known that they remain in the service of amber. Like another animal that belonged to the spouses – a horse named arrow.

Now the public is more likely worried about the fate of Pets Depp and HurdPhoto: EAST NEWS

according to The Guardian, all property owned by Depp, including homes in Los Angeles and Paris, a private island in the Bahamas archipelago, remains in his possession. Movable property (which, among other things, an impressive collection of motorcycles and vintage cars) – also with him.

Recall, johnny Depp (he is now 53) and amber heard (she is now 30) met on the set of the film “the Rum diary”. According to rumors, it is amber, the actor has walked away from his wife Vanessa Paradis, with whom he lived for fifteen years. The wedding was played in February 2015. And in may 2016 amber said that her husband beat her, and demanded from the court that he was forbidden to approach her. In a statement she wrote: “I have made a number of superhuman emotional, verbal and physical abuse by johnny. Every time I disagreed with him or questioned his primacy in the family, followed by the attacks – violent, aggressive, degrading me, threatening me.” She was also reminded of Depp’s propensity to alcohol and drugs and his temper: “He is often prone to paranoid suspicion, and revenge is very terrible.”

But now such outpourings officially came to an end: mutual confidentiality agreement, actors are not allowed to discuss the details of their relationship in interviews or on social networks.

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