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Khabarovsk to know “assassin’s Creed” – RIA “Vostok-Media”

the Adaptation of video games — a thankless task. Ask millions of gamers around the world praying to their favorite shooters and fighting games, which experienced bitter disappointment after transcriptions of original stories on film. Numerous igronizatsii, that is movies games, found a lack of understanding not only in the fan community and the critics, not to mention the average viewer. As a result, numerous cash failures of such projects. Successful projects can be counted on one hand — “Mortal Kombat”, “Resident evil”, “silent hill”. These films, and it is generally agreed that most accurately conveyed the atmosphere of the games, which was the basis for their scenarios.

nevertheless, despite many setbacks, filmmakers never tire of again and again to refer to the ideas that originated in the bowels of the companies video game developers. The potential of some of them so huge and cinematic, that at successful coincidence of circumstances can create a whole franchise, as did the authors of the “resident evil”, whose sixth part comes to the big screen this year.

One of those games that enjoys a huge popularity among gamers all over the world — “assassin’s Creed”. Its developer is a French company Ubisoft. The series includes several multi-platform computer game in the genre of action adventure. The main character of the film adaptation — a hired killer Callum Lynch, who plays the incredibly popular Michael Fassbender. In the film, powerful Corporation — it is in computer games! — “Abstergo” has created technology that unlock the genetic memory to help the heirs of the assassins to find an ancient artifact — the Apple of Eden. “Abstergo” finds Callum Lynch and adjusts his death. After that, he experiences the adventures of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerja, during the Spanish Inquisition of the fifteenth century. Having caught the incredible ability and knowledge, Callum fights with members of the Templar order in our time.

About the film adaptation of the game began in 2012. Michael Fassbender almost immediately got the lead role in the project and became one of its producers, being very interested in him. The Director of the project was appointed as the Australian Justin Kurzel to this well-established staging of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, where the main role is played Fassbender. From “Macbeth” to “assassin’s Creed”, and moved the female leading role — the French Marion Cotillard. According to the actress, she joined the project solely from a desire to collaborate again with Fassbender and Corselet. Also in the ensemble films “assassin’s Creed” joined by such masters of the acting profession, as Jeremy irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Charlotte Rampling.

the Game “assassin’s Creed” is famous for its incredible stunts that maketh the protagonist. Such action scenes missing in the film adaptation. One of the most spectacular scenes — the famous “Leap of faith”. Stuntman Damien Walters has accomplished it in the movie almost from a height of 40 meters. This is one of the tallest stunt jumps in the movies for 35 years.

the Tape is just starting to walk on cinemas around the world, but it is already known that its creators intend to make a sequel, thus turning “assassin’s Creed” in the movie.

Another novelty in cinema fiction film “Monster trucks”. In the story, a high school student Tripp wants to escape from the boring town where he was born and grew up, and collects monster truck from the wreckage of old cars. Once under the hood, the giant machine gets a fantastic creature, and then Tripp’s life changed radically.

the Movie was directed by Chris Wedge, known for his animated works such as “Ice age,” “Robots” and “Epic”. He also worked on the cult animated series “the Simpsons.” The main role in the film was played by Lucas till, Jane levy, Barry pepper, Danny Glover and others.

In the Khabarovsk cinemas continues to rent the historic action movie “the Viking” Russian Christmas pictures “Christmas Tree-5″ and “Santa Claus. The struggle of the magicians”, the cartoon “Three heroes and the king of the Sea” and “the snow Queen 3: Fire and ice”, the sci-Fi blockbuster “Rogue-one: Star wars. History”, a fantastic love-story “Passengers,” and so on.


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