Sunday, January 8, 2017

Konstantin Ernst about the success of the Viking: “I Wanted to do competitive Hollywood product” – Krasnoyarsk news –

this was announced by the films producers Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov. The producers have focused on the fact that the film initially tries to answer the question of how and what the rules of life chooses for themselves. Meanwhile, the movie “Viking” Russian production is breaking all records fees in domestic cinemas.

the Producers of Russian films “Viking”, published in the leading film distribution, Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov told about the main message of this tape. “About how our own choices becomes a part of common history”, — said Maximov. Now fees have already exceeded 700 million rubles, which is a truly outstanding result. He believes that the creators of the film managed to attract the attention of the audience in a zone of vital interests which “events thousands of years ago was not to”.

On the wide screen the picture is about Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich was released on 29 December 2016. And we are happy that many of our meditators saw it and appreciated. “Each recommendation is our chance to win,” he informed. At this step, the staff of the creative team apparently decided to go after not the most unique reactions to those who already watched the movie. The main role in the movie played by actor Danila Kozlovsky.


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