Saturday, January 7, 2017

Marina Neyolova: “I like roles that far from me…” Evening Moscow

In the day of the anniversary of the actress of the TV channel “Russia” will show “Hasten to do good” (17:25), the documentary “Marina Neelova. I’m always on stage” (19:20) and the film “Monologue” (20:10). I advise you to watch them – and great performance, and both of the film – is something to think about.

In the documentary “Marina Neelova. I’m always on the scene,” the actress will tell about yourself, your profession, what is its specificity and what imprint she has left on her person. Will share with the audience how the impact on her of meeting, cooperation and partnership with Oleg dal, Rimas Tuminas, Galina Volchek, Georgy Danelia, Ilya Averbakh; remember the roles that have become a milestone not only for the actress but for the history of the Russian theatre and cinema.

Marina Mstislavovna says that artists can’t… full name the people, because this profession is unnatural to human nature:

- to Enter into someone’s psychology, thoroughly to study it, to make it yours, to assign her, to feel the feelings that you are, for example, can not understand. But you do it appropriate, feel, know, do. I, for example, work never started from its own nature. It is always important to keep your distance because you never know what you may or may not feel or do not feel alien to you something or close. It is always interesting to try something you don’t tend to. So I like just the roles that are most distant from me.

On each of its role Marina Neyelov can tell whole stories. They are all interesting. The Princess from the film “old, Old fairy tale” and “the Prince and the pauper”, Lena from “Olga Sergeevna”, the famous Alla from “Autumn marathon”, “Dear Elena Sergeevna”, Anna Akhmatova in the “inspector”, the mother of Andrei Tolstoy in “the Barber of Siberia” – this is not a complete list of her film credits. Says the actress, “I’ve never played happy women, but I never wanted to play the absolute hopelessness”.

And the acting and directing profession Marina Neyolova considers the confessional. She was able to work with different Directors, and it notes that between Director and actor must always be very trusting, almost intimate relationship. Talking about the filming of the drama “the Monologue”, it just gives an example of this close spiritual relationship with the Director Ilya Averbakh: “I was a young girl, when she starred in this movie. We discussed with him about my character what she likes, what music she listens to, what books he reads, the way you dress. We played the whole “game of knowledge”.

But the theater in my life for the actress has always held a special place. Most of his theatrical activities Marina Neyolova gave “Contemporary”, playing his best performances, such as “Valentin and Valentina”, “twelfth night”, “the Cherry orchard”, “the Cabal of hypocrites”, “Three sisters”, “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”, “whirlwind”, “the Overcoat,” “the Lady” and many others, and in some productions, she has played different roles in different plays. Neelova says about the play “Hasten to do good” directed by Galina Volchek, where the actress played a young girl aged 14. Once it so happened that after the performance she was in a hurry. Half dressed, she stood before the mirror and for some time was in such a position, not knowing where it should “become”.

the Actress says that she really likes this borderline between reality and stage life, the looking-glass world in which there is an actor on the stage. This condition may be the most interesting – and, as the transition from the wings to the stage and back.

But most of all I love applause, – says the actress. – I think that the success and glory of something indicate. I love the moment when the play ended and the audience stood up. Maybe it’s my vanity, or ambition, or something else. But when the audience stood up, applauding and shouting “Bravo!” is my minute of fame if you want.

Programs that promise the most interesting, so we can only say thank you for this channel To Russia, and the wonderful, the inimitable Marina Neyolova to congratulate the anniversary. We do not cease to delight, Marina Mstislavovna!

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