Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nastasya Samburski gave his New year gorgeous house – Komsomolskaya Pravda

unlike many of his peers, girls are soft and feminine, star of TV series TNT Nastasya Samburski has always distinguished excessive straightforwardness and independence. So when Nastasia was published in his instagram post from the new house, no one was surprised that such a magnificent gift was made by the actress herself. As an independent and self-sufficient person! The girl acquired a duplex apartment in the Tverskoy district of the capital.

In the picture Samburski squats hugging a small living tree, on the second floor of the house. Also worth noting is the large Windows which are connected together, occupying two levels, with a view to the street. Caption Nastassja did in his cynical style. “Fulfill dreams, don’t be chicken”, with emoticons with hens. With hashtags she made it clear that earned itself and no it did not help in this.

Recall, a year ago, Samburski became the heroine of a scandal when it was suspected in connection C16-year-old boy. The actress met the son of a businessman Nikita by Veselkina on instagram, quickly twirled the novel, and if not for the traffic police, when asked the young man to show the right star of the “New Dorm” and would not know the truth about your lover.

She believed that her chosen one 19. Young admirer nastasi says: the novel wouldn’t have happened if Anastasia knew from the beginning that he is 16 years old. So he lied. He has a personal interest – the guy wanted to try, “as with the star”.


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