Friday, January 13, 2017

The opposition held a rally against the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church – RBC

the participants of the rally in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Photo: Valentina Antonova for RBC

the Opposition began a series of protests against the transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. At the meeting, which was held January 13, and has collected, by estimations of organizers, about a thousand people, it was announced that the preparations for the next event

the Rally was held in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral on Friday, January 13, in the format of the meeting with the deputies, the action was attended by from 800 to 1 thousand people, told RBC member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the Yabloko faction Boris Vishnevsky. Besides it was organized by the legislative Assembly deputies Maxim Reznik (Batch growth) and Alexei Kovalev (“Fair Russia”).

Wisniewski said that the stock was signed the notice on carrying out on the Champ de Mars rally on January 28 in the protection of the constitutional rights of citizens. The notification will be transferred to the Smolny on Monday, January 16. “Most likely, the rally will be demanding the resignation of Governor Georgy Poltavchenko,” added Wisniewski.

He stressed that preparing a lawsuit challenging the transfer of the Cathedral, since we are talking about gross violations of the law “On transfer to religious organizations property of religious significance owned by the state or municipal property”. For example, had to be filed a new request, recalled Wisniewski, as the former was rejected: in the fall of 2015 Smolny explained its decision not to transfer the Cathedral uneconomical. In 2016, the diocese has appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to return the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, but repeated requests, according to the head of Department of the information of administration of St.-Petersburg Andrey Kubicova, the transfer of the Cathedral has not been received.

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“in addition, during the week after filing a new application must be published on the website of the administration, this was not done,” he added.

January 10, Poltavchenko said on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church, noting that it “will maintain a Museum and educational function”. In the Ministry of culture explained that the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church preserve them for the current Museum functions is possible only theoretically, as it is associated with a number of difficulties.

Until March of 2019, the building of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg will give free use of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years. On the same day the walls of the Cathedral was uncoordinated action, which participants have read a few articles from the Constitution, on his knees, said “Rosbalt”. By 13 January, a public petition against the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church portal signed by more than 160 thousand people.


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