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Big life. 90 years choreographer Yuri Grigorovich Вести.Ru

Yuri Grigorovich — the legend of Russian and world ballet celebrates the 90th anniversary. With happy anniversary it was congratulated by Vladimir Putin, noting the special role of the choreographer in the fate of the Bolshoi theatre. Relationship Grigorovich and the main scene of the country, however, recall a whirlwind romance: with the departures, returns and glittering premieres.

He thanked for the recognition, the glory, the emotion that always over the edge, applause that did not subside modestly, as if not his this era. The Era Of Grigorovich.

recently returned from Munich and the Bavarian state Opera set of “Spartacus”, and before the jubilee was preparing for the festival at Large, where Grieg — the so-called his colleagues — more than three decades was a chief choreographer. Old posters — is history. On the scene again the “Golden age”.

“no, no satisfaction and a pleasant feeling that after all no wonder has passed the life in the Bolshoi theater,” — said Grigorovich.

1947-th year. Leningrad theater of Opera and ballet, the Kirov — now the famous Mariinsky theatre — the first big stage Grigorovich. First dance — a soaring, graceful, weightless, but this is not enough, he will soar higher performance “Aistenok”, a decade later — “the Stone flower”.

Say, then was born the winged — dance from the stove. Rehearsing in a ballet school on Rossi street. There was a stove. From her and danced.

He remembers the trip to the Urals together with Simon Virsaladze, artist clothing, the dance — so wrote the critics, colleague and friend — visited the place where was born Bogovskii tales.

“And Virsaladze came up fine. It opens up the scene away a large malachite box, which would be seen, reveals in this box our heroes,” — says Grigorovich.

the Fame of the choreographer, whose dance — poetry — across the country.

1964-th year. He has been the chief choreographer of the Bolshoi. “Legend of love”, “Nutcracker”, “Spartacus”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Ivan the terrible”, “Angara” and “the Golden age”. Golden classic ballet. And gold names, images included in the history. Big — tours a lot. Soviet, and then Russian — ballet conquers the world.

a Costume for the party Mistress of copper mountain, Stone flower. This ballet in 1961, the year I saw in Stockholm. Here is the doublet, in which danced Alexander Godunov at the beginning of his career. 1963-th year. “Sleeping beauty”, “Nutcracker” — a jacket of Vladimir Vasiliev, but the stage costume of Gediminas Taranda, the ballet “Raymonda”.

the Emigrants ‘first wave’ Serge Lifar, Bronislava Nijinska, Vera Karalli — the great dancers who danced in Diaghilev’s Russian seasons — a picture of Faith made at the Vienna Opera after the premiere of Big in 1965, but Grigorovich — was the guest of Marc Chagall.

But before one Grigorovich seems to come to halt. Portrait of the ballerina Natalia Bessmertnova. Wife. Four decades together. He felt this woman as if in tune with his soul, and every dance was a Declaration of love to his ballerina, profession, life, creating passionate images.

And when, in 1995, at the Bolshoi theater there was a huge scandal, and Grigorovich was forced to leave, she was with him left the scene. After 15 years, Big like came to their senses, the choreographer talked back, but his ballerina was gone. It is sometimes called a tyrant. You can work with it for real this time. Schlock keeps. And almost never wrong in humans.

Grigorovich — 90. His eyes were varied country, ballet, music, technology and plastic, and the actors themselves, of course. Unchanged, it seems there is only the era of Grigorovich.


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