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Circus import substitution want to introduce in Russia the Courier.Environment.Berdsk

circus Circus 560x373 import substitution want to introduce in Russia

In Berdsk are the circus-on tour in the circus tent.

Cirque du Soleil can get under restrictive measures in Russia. In particular, it is recommended to introduce an additional levy on tickets for their performances. This measure will help to preserve Russia’s circus tradition, and will allow the industry to develop, said in an interview with “Kommersant FM” the Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of culture Pavel Pozhigailo.

“the circus is the quality is much higher. If our circus — it is a gourmet restaurant, the Western circus is McDonald’s. Russian circus school more difficult. Of course, more costly. Because in the programs that do zapashnye, Nikulin and Bagdasarova, a significant portion is paid, for example, the training of wild animals, which in Cirque du Soleil are almost there. To compete with him in this sense, it is very difficult, — he explained. — If the ticket price will rise, let’s in quotation marks, for “du Soleil” by 20-30% as a result of this collection, I think it’s good. Because it’s the same thing as we introduce duties on imported agricultural products, and it allows the domestic industry to have a greater margin of profitability”.

the Russian division of the Cirque du Soleil was created in 2008. Since then, the show program artists in the country had been viewed more than 2 million people. What the viewer first of all will suffer if the proposal is adopted, said “Kommersant FM” the General Director of Cirque du Soleil in Russia Natalia Romanova. “If we are talking about limiting activities or about any additional price sanctions, who do we punish? We punish in the first place, people who want to get acquainted with the world of art and culture. That is, we make art elitist, she said. — I think the question of culture has a much broader interpretation, and it is important not to leave aside the opinion of the audience and their right to your wallet to vote for what they want to see and visit”.

Russia has really created comfortable conditions for work of foreign circus troupes, said the Director of the Great Moscow state circus Edgard Zapashny. “I never cease to be surprised with our hospitality, because, having come to the Kremlin Cirque du Soleil, I saw one of the sponsors of such major Russian companies as “Ingosstrakh” and “Rosneft”. These companies never were seen in the fact that they helped at least one Russian circus structure. Initially, we put in unequal conditions, he stressed. I can’t say that today there is a large dominance of foreign circuses in our country, but to create conditions for them so that they once again thought and looked for opportunities coming to our market, we have to.”

Russian circuses lose competition in their own market due to objective reasons, said the head of the concert Agency TCI Edward Ratnikov. In his opinion, restrictive measures, the desired result will not give. “This is all about the content, only that we offer to the viewer. If we offer a banal submission to smelling the shit of the elephant and the bear room, then this viewer is not buying. If we come up with some romantic, dramatic technological history, as proposed by Cirque du Soleil, the audience happy, he said. — You do not need any artificial obstacles in order to protect our audience from a higher quality show. Let’s focus on the prerequisites for the development of its own infrastructure, circus, technology and inspiration for artists. Now, I’m afraid, the viewer chooses, rather, foreign circus.”

According to system SPARK, the revenue of the Cirque du Soleil in 2015 amounted to 610,5 million rubles., net profit — slightly more than 4 million rubles.

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