Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fans of the band need to leave the Diva in a new year broadcast Ura.ru

farewell to the Director Eldar Ryazanov in the CDL. Moscow. that Alla Pugacheva, Maksim Galkin

the Previous petition needs to remove from the TV Pugacheva, Galkin and KirkorovPhoto by: Zurab javakhadze © URA.RU

In response to a petition to “improve Christmas show in 2018″, addressed to the head of the First channel Konstantin Ernst, in a Network there was an appeal in defense of the singer Alla Pugacheva.

the author of the first treatment under which has already been signed by more than 110 thousand Russians, recall, indicates that the last holiday program was “beyond”. The collection of signatures was started almost immediately after the festive air of the channel where the broadcast projects with Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov and Maxim Galkin in the lead roles.

“In connection with active discussion of new year programs on the First channel in the media and criticism made in particular to the participation in the gala live Alla Pugacheva, the we the undersigned ask You not to reduce the presence of Alla in the air leading Federal channels of the country”, — said in a new petition, which at the time of writing was signed by 234 people.

the Authors note that there is a considerable group of people, which is “always pleased with the appearance of Alla in the programs of Your channel, including new year’s,” since “Pugacheva — the brightest personality of our time, beloved by millions of people the singer, her work has become a national treasure”.

“On the background of this requirement in the spirit of “clean air” look simply ridiculous improvement, — summarized the authors of the petition. — Criticism Alla consider unreasonable, and I hope to continue regularly to see your favorite singer on the First channel, including new year’s eve”.

In social networks in support of the petition appeared the hashtag #mysapace, which, however, Instagram has supported mostly by the fan clubs of the prima Donna. Exceptions make posts that appeared in the microblogging Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia Proskuryakova. “Actually, all this “angry letters of workers” is very reminiscent of a dense Soviet years, when also poisoned Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn, and on the stage — the same Shulzhenko, and then “Time Machine” etc.” wrote Nikolayev.

“Why not take into account the interests of people who are almost the same age or older? — outraged users who left comments in one of the fan clubs of the prima Donna. — By what right do we bury young people? Why have I got to looking at naked or nearly naked chorus girl? Why don’t I have the right to look at their favorite artists with whom I relate to some aspects of my life? Why am I deprived of such a right?”.

“Pugacheva is a symbol of the era! its influence on all pop music is undeniable!” write the other. “The last song is the greatest hits, I have 20 years of not living at home and abroad, and this year decided to listen to this super, they may be old, but for me it is super” — argue others.

Note that in this year Christmas show on Federal television channels have especially caused a wide public resonance. In particular, the indignation of the events expressed famous producer Maxim Fadeev, calling going on on the screen “dip into hell”. Against this background, recalled the appeal of the bard Alexander Novikov, written in the address of President Vladimir Putin in 2004. In his letter, singer called the new year’s show “sleaze, vulgarity and everyday life”.


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