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St. Isaac’s Cathedral are planning to transfer the ROC to the end of 2017 – Газета.Ru

the question of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church resolved, said the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. “By agreement between the Patriarch and me, the Cathedral will retain the Museum’s educational function,” Poltavchenko was quoted by TASS. According to him, access to the building will not change, and getting there can people of all faiths.

Press Secretary of the Governor Andrey Kibito added that “there are a lot of subtleties on the future use and transfer of the Church”, which will announce in the near future. In particular,

will require a number of complex agreements, including with the Ministry of culture, because the temple is under UNESCO protection

and it contains a large number of Museum objects. “Resolving these issues will take more than a day or two, it is a long time. Maybe months,” — the words Kibicow “Interfax”.

Further, the contents of the Cathedral will be at the expense of the Church. At the moment, the income of the Museum is more than 800 million rubles, of which managed to fully pay for the restoration of the Cathedral. According to the estimates of the Directorate of the Museum, the building requires constant, almost daily restoration. In addition, how to write “Газета.Ru” the Director of the Museum Nikolai Burov feared that the Church would not pay the government the taxes that it currently pays Museum. Besides, the government will have to deal with the employment of 200 of the Museum’s employees.

After the Museum will be transferred to the property of the Church, the Russian Orthodox Church would not only have to maintain and restore the monument, but also to control the flow of tourists. “This is a huge financial and organizational burden, said Alexander Kononov, the representative of the Russian organization for the protection of monuments, when the question of the transfer of the Cathedral stood a large-scale. — ROC — a less effective Manager than the Museum. I have no doubt that the Church will not be able on the means to maintain the condition of the monument, so initially we are talking about public money.”

Presumably, in the future, the organization of the activities of St. Isaac’s Cathedral can be similar to the work of the Kazan Cathedral. Now the entrance to Kazan Cathedral is free, to get on a tour and on record. Daily in Kazan there are four Orthodox guide, their work costs 150 rubles,

the payment is not through cash, but through donations in a mug (therefore not taxed),

according to “”. Statistics of visits and excursions not public, but in the temple assure that all money collected goes to restoration of the inner decoration of the Cathedral, for the repair of the colonnades and facades are spent by the state.

the First question of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church originated in 2011 when the head of the Committee for state control, use and protection of monuments of history and culture of St. Petersburg (KGIOP) Alexander Makarov has suggested to use the temple for its intended purpose. However, his initiative did not receive support.

this issue is back in the summer of 2015, when the St. Petersburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church appealed to the government of the city requested. The part of the namesake of the state Museum-monument of the Russian Orthodox Church was transferred to the Smolny and Sampsonievsky cathedrals. In the fall of 2015, the Governor decided to leave the Church in the operational management of the St. Petersburg SBIC “State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”. In April 2016

Metropolitan Varsonofy appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to return the Russian Orthodox Church has not only Isaac’s Cathedral and Savior-on-Blood and even some buildings of Smolny convent,

in the Annex, where is located the St. Petersburg state University. In the petition, the Metropolitan referred to the Federal law on Church restitution.

Parallel frequent service in the Cathedral; and, according to the Director of a Museum of Nikolay Burova, now, each of them is 600. Museum “categorically does not prevent the Church to send the rites, despite the fact that it is very difficult for the Museum, which last year received more than 3.6 million visitors,” added the Director.

the next time the information that the Cathedral will be handed over to the Orthodox Church, appeared at the end of 2016, but official confirmation until January 10, 2017, was not. According to “”, the Governor initially set the task to transfer the Cathedral to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church by December 2017, however, due to paperwork more real time source in the Smolny call 2019.

Opponents of such a step has launched a petition “will Not allow the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Church of the Savior on spilled Blood to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church” and intend to seek a referendum on the issue.

“the transfer of the museums, monuments, business cards of St. Petersburg under the jurisdiction of the ROC will limit their ordinary tourists,

the petition reads. — There are unfounded fears that the efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church will not be sufficient to hold the large-scale restoration of the unique cultural heritage, just keep them in good condition.” At the time of publication notes the petition has collected 92.5 thousand signatures.

the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Northern capital Boris Vishnevsky called the decision “a huge mistake”. “The law allows citizens to take the issue to court if they believe that their rights and interests are violated. I believe that my rights and interests by this decision will be violated. I’ll meet you in court,” written it in his account in “Vkontakte”.

His colleague Maxim Reznik was sent the day before treatment Governor Poltavchenko, in which they demanded to take the decision to transfer the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church only after the discussion in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. There, Resnick cites the answer of the Governor to the request from 2015. In the document, in particular, stating that the decision of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church not to give up, to leave in the Museum and to preserve the joint use of the building.

In the response of the Governor from 2015 was also highlighted “the lack of financial implications of the transfer of the listed building” of the ROC.

In the latest request, Resnick wondered, did you get any from the ROC, the opportunity, since then a new transfer request St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

In turn, in St. Petersburg Archdiocese has said that recently filed additional requests for the return of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church. However, their intentions after the failure of the Governor in the ROC has not withdrawn, have informed RIA “news” in a press-service of the Archdiocese. According to the head of communications of the Archdiocese of Natalia Rodomanova, the refusal of the Governor in the transmission of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church considered it to have no legal basis. “Nothing since the end of December to 8th of January did not happen (from the metropolis) to go such rumors (on new applications). However, the diocese never satisfied with the answer received in 2015,” added Rodomanova.


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