Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kirkorov and Basque took a swing at the offenders Pugacheva sneakers – Komsomolskaya Pravda

this Whole scandalous mess rostovchanin Vadim Manukyan who wrote the petition Konstantin Ernst about the past “Christmas lights”. They say that the air was extremely unfortunate, you need to change something.

In an open letter to Dosi mentioned Alla Pugachev. According to the blogger, the festive air of the First channel resembled the feast in the house of prima donnas.

Loud the names of “women who sings” was enough to make the Internet started a real fire. A petition signed by more than 100 thousand people. And then it woke up the fans AB by writing a letter to Ernst in defense of the beloved singer.

Alla reacted to the scandal with irony.

the Diva has posted on his Instagram a video of their pink Slippers, voicing its appeal to the fans, they say, the dogs bark, the caravan moves on.

- No need to collect any signatures “For Pugacheva!”. Because the funny thing is desire – the desire to please everyone. Some people like and some don’t. Live on: happy and fun! Love You! – thanked fans for their support Alla Pugacheva.

Live on!!!Love you!!!

Brilliant Queen’s reaction to what is happening! Bravo, Alla! We should all still learn a lot from you! Live happily ever after! commented on the post Pugacheva Philip say.

And the tenor Nikolay Baskov has posted Instagram videos of their Slippers with official appeal to the haters Diva, thus giving rise to “topicname” flash mob in support of AB.

- Please don’t worry. No need to collect any signatures, collect better money. After all, when you have a lot of money, you do not have to collect signatures. You don’t like the same stars? Right! You should nravitsa the same star! Live on, happy and fun. Or sad and tedious. Well, as someone more like it. In General, If Slippers support Slippers Alla and pass the baton to Philip Slippers! – humor in his blog, Nikolai Baskov.

a Formal appeal of Slippers If….. #moitaka to pass the baton Slippers @fkirkorov

His Slippers has protected the AB from the dirty bullying on the Internet and her ex-husband, the king of pop Philip Kirkorov: “Please don’t worry, not in the signature case, and not sneakers. And not even in jackets. If someone doesn’t like something, not necessarily to put us aware of this. Try this shock to survive on their own. You ask: how do we react when someone says bad about us? To speak badly about us, those who are worse than us. Those who are better than us, they are not before us. And finally. Do not take to heart the fact that you can send away…in the ass. In General, If Philip and Slippers support Slippers Alla and pass the baton to Yana Rudkovskaya boots!”

Official address Philip slipper….. #moitaka @alla_orfey to pass the baton Slippers @rudkovskayaofficial

the Comic flash mob colleagues Pugacheva was supported by many bloggers. Supposedly, the only way a humorous response to haters.


the Creator of the petition against the “new lights”: “I’m not called to clean the screens with hypnotherapy!”

the instigator of the scandal triumphs — even lying on the couch, he was able to draw the attention of stars of the first echelon.

I was the most discussed person in Russia – happy in his blog, the Creator of the petition against the “new lights”. Yeah, write about me today, really a lot! (details)


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