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After the departure of a number of writers “PEN” was on the verge of collapse – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Poet Andrey Usachev: “This Cup will not stick together!”

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As the great leader of all peoples: “Other writers I have for you there!” And these are staged now, the scandal and the ensuing demonstrative action. A few days after the exclusion from the Russian “PEN-Center” journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, in protest against this, several famous writers and poets – Boris Akunin, Lev Rubinstein, Alexander Ilichevsky… – announced its withdrawal from the organization.

После ухода ряда писателей «ПЕН-центр» оказался на грани полного развала


the Plot is simple and complicated. According to the decision of the Executive Committee of the writers ‘ organization, journalist and blogger Sergei Parkhomenko was expelled from it “for provocative activities incompatible with the purposes and tasks of Russian “PEN Center”, and statements, which harm the honor and dignity of the individual…”

“Crime” by Parkhomenko that he, along with several like-minded human rights sent a letter to Vladimir Putin requesting pardon of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years for extremism. Although Sergei himself signed the letter on his behalf and not on behalf of the “PEN Center”, the press service of this literary organization was quick to officially clarify that the management of the Centre on human rights defenders is irrelevant. And after that on the center’s website published a statement, which said that the “PEN”, of course, concerned about the fate of whales, but the pardon of the Director it is impossible under Russian law. After reading this, Parkhomenko criticized the statement, accusing Russian leaders of the “PEN Center” is that they are afraid to spoil relations with the authorities. The conflict flared up, and it ended with the exception of the journalist from the ranks.

a Serious divergence of “views of life” among writers – members of the Center, emerged much earlier, in 2014. the Current scandal has become just another, albeit very “weighty” step.

the Correspondent of “MK” talked about the latest developments and the current situation with the one who is in the Russian “PEN Center”, children’s writer, poet, playwright Andrei Usachev.

– I am now thinking about all that is happening, – said Andrey Zubkov. – Evaluating erupted in our organization, “battles”, trying to be objective. It seems to me that there is no truth nor one nor the other side. And those who now protects excluded from the Centre Sergey Parkhomenko, and those who accused him of “subversive activities” against that of the writing community, too categorical, and, most importantly, in my opinion, to show excessive aggression towards colleagues. Intolerance of the views of both sides creates a very heavy atmosphere in the Center. Just that people go literally screaming, defending its position, only to shout something to opponents does not work. And to slow down the passions, to discuss everything in a more relaxed atmosphere too. It’s depressing.

I have great respect for the President of our “PEN Center” Evgeny Popov, but I’m afraid that this Cup will not stick together, attempted pacification of the warring parties are hopeless, the situation came to a boiling point. Our colleagues in the foreign PEN clubs, of course, also occur from time to time any disagreements, disputes, however, there is no such intransigence. And we, alas, did not learn to find consensus with each other .

Conflict in our Center erupted for the past two years. I never was a big hunter to attend our General meetings. However, when there was this conflict, was to visit regularly, trying to understand what is happening, hoping to catch at least small signs of “reconciliation of the parties” and the real prospects for an end to confrontation. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the situation does not change for the better.

there is even a thought: maybe, to get out of this organization? To go in order to just not participate in all these squabbles, constantly sounding the mutual insults…

But the opinion of one of those who stood at the origins of Moscow “PEN Center”, the famous writer, literary critic, radio and TV presenter Viktor Erofeev.

– writing the Opposing party drowned each other in the rhetoric of war. Their representatives prefer aggressive confrontation, not compromise. One of the parties tried to establish a positive dialogue with the government, the other with a truly revolutionary enthusiasm calls for “class war”. But both for the writer too.

Quite understand those who had already announced his withdrawal from this Association. But in fact, such a radical step is an emotional thing. I myself decided not to rush. No rush, looking to the future: I believe that the conflict situation has gone so far as to have to re-start the “Pensky” movement in Russia, to create a new “PEN”. Such an NGO is still required as an important element of legal protection for writers. So I’m going to stay and take part in creating the new Moscow “PEN Center”.

well, after talking with the distinguished writers of the correspondent of “MK” in the head obsessive pop the lines from the famous “international”:

“the Whole world of violence we razed to the ground, and then we ours, we will build a new world…”

not going Anywhere: if a repair can not be limited, will have to be rebuilt.


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