Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kirkorov called the offender Pugacheva “mrazota” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

After the holidays, the blogosphere has become a battlefield. Some are reviled film “Viking”, others -”Christmas lights”.

As already wrote “KP“, a resident of Rostov-don Vadim Dosi wrote a petition Konstantin Ernst with a request to reconsider next year new year’s eve broadcast:

“… what happened to Your new year’s broadcast, this is just beyond! Believe me, very few people liked to be at the table “guest Diva”. Read tens of thousands of review the petition and see for yourself!”

the Letter gathered more than 100 thousand signatures. Then rushed to the battlefield fans Diva, they say, hands off the star.

the very same Alla Borisovna with irony reacted to the haters.

- No need to collect any signatures “For Pugachev!”. Because the funny thing is desire – the desire to please everyone. Some people like and some don’t. Live on: happy and fun! Love You! – thanked fans for their support Alla Pugacheva.

ex-wife stood up in Instagram and Philip say.

- What is this abomination! Sits a man, a woman, an actress, a singer, no one touches, sings songs, does art, has thrilled millions of viewers and fans around the world for more than 40 years, and then for no reason some evil stuff, some of mrazota organize an elaborate event and pours a bucket of shit!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? – protested the man. – I’m not going to anything to call and say the words and thoughts of millions of fans in our country and around the world: simply let each of you turn on their brains, look in your soul and conscience, and remember, how did this great singer for the country, for each of us, that our souls and hearts with joy and happiness. It is our patrimony, our Allah! Well-wishers what they can “give people” except for his anger?… The dogs bark, the caravan goes… Sing, Alla, to the delight of the millions sing, bird singing!!! We are for you and we are always with you!

In turn, the Creator of the petition Vadym Adamyan is now trying to distance itself from accusations of Diva.

the Petition did not Pugacheva. It is only mentioned in there once. No calls to anything in relation to AB in the petition, wrote on Instagram of the journalist of “KP” Mary Remizova brothers.

Supported Pugachev and producer Yana Rudkovskaya:

“On the songs of Alla we grew up. These songs I know, my parents and even my children by heart! Because we have in the house, in the car, on vacation, played, plays and will play Alla Pugacheva! Great Woman! The heritage of our country! Alla, You are always in our heart!”


don’t Love the country is hypnotherapy?


Against the dominance of “pugachevshchina” the Christmas show of the First channel expressed the 117 thousand people, and did not agree with this and stood up for Dolly parton to less than a thousand. In fairness, I note that the voices against the brave rostovchanin Vadim Adamyan collects more than a week, but for only one day. But in the latter case, in the forefront of the struggle — consolidated military squad, which Igor Nikolaev Alexander violent and other owners of Twitter and with millions of integramod, but it turned a useless audience. And that, Alla is now on the edge of the abyss, “unnecessary viewers”? Well, well (details)


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