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Nikolai Burov: I’m exhausted – Fontanka.Ru

Director of the Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” Nikolai Burov, told [the Fontanka.Office] about what fate may wait four hundred employees after the transfer of the Museum of the Russian Orthodox Church, and where he wants to see the Foucault pendulum.

Nikolai V., we remember that the Museum is now self-sufficient, the income is enough to calm the normal operation of cultural institutions. But we do not understand how you can look like the financial side of the question in case of change of owner of the building. Who will pay for what and how to earn? Do you have the answer to this question?

– I do not like neither to count money in another’s pocket, nor to teach, conduct business or economic life: I’m such a Council would not give even a single person or individual family. We’re talking about a large organization that has learned in the course of its evolution, not hanging on the neck of the state, and be it help full by the taxpayer, to implement a range of state functions to ensure that the contents of a historic building, to take care of its restoration, to provide four hundred jobs, and to provide sufficient to to fulfill may decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.

In 2016, we lost as a Museum of two objects: the concert-exhibition complex, which located in the premises of the Smolny Cathedral, St. Sampson Cathedral — exposition dedicated to the battle of Poltava, is now stored in temporary rented space. For these losses we received from the city a good payment — but the payment postponed: two houses in brilliant, wonderful parts of the city, but not ready to instantly start a new life. It will take another three years and a lot of attachments in order to lead them in the proper condition and to open concert venue at the Duma street and Museum space on the Great Sea.

There is a Federal law on transfer to religious organizations of property. All of the organizations whose operational management of the property is located, are entitled to receive in exchange square. Whether you require a room to replace and do I need it?

– I would never think to ask for something in return St. Isaac’s Cathedral because St. Isaac’s Cathedral is in itself a Museum with thousands of objects, which are an integral part of the interior of this Cathedral. To demand something in return — why? We’ve got enough replacements for positioning that we could take, and make the exposure of new museums. To make a small exposition of St. Isaac’s Cathedral? We grew up near the fourth St. Isaac’s Cathedral (the building of Montferrand — the fourth temple in honor of Isaac of Dalmatia, built in St. Petersburg. — Approx. ed.), and create a fifth at least strange.

does this Mean that if the idea of “transfer before the end of the year” is realized, everything you said above about Duma, Big Sea, is automatically under a big question mark — what money we all do it, if you do not have the Cathedral?

Yeah, if the city does not include these addresses in the estimates, the budget of the Committee for culture, that is not going to hang an additional burden on the budget. Because these self-sustaining objects can not be, by definition, recipienti. Donors were St. Isaac’s Cathedral and today is still the Savior on Blood.

- assuming that changes owner, is in the numbers will affect the city budget?

– I would like you to forward to the financiers of the St. Petersburg government, because they say that Museum life in the Cathedral will not break that the Church will fully assume all costs for maintenance, operation and restoration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. I don’t know how it will be. I don’t want to speculate for someone, I can only answer for myself.

If Museum activities will continue, as you just said, what happens when you change a secular master at the Church?

– There are several options. The new owner, or rather grant the user can enter into business relations with any of the existing tour company with experience, and to continue this practice, or you can start talking about that part of the professional staff have moved to the maintenance of this component of new life Cathedral. It not only guides, but also methodical Department and the Department for work with disabled groups, schoolchildren and so on. Because this is a big job. Not only “opened his mouth, told how it was built and left.” It is a job that is adjusted annually, and it is quite a large reservoir of specialists.

Will you prevent the participation of the Museum staff in protests? We know that a group of MPs is preparing some kind of meeting with their constituents in the walls of St. Isaac’s Cathedral this coming Friday. It is obvious that they will not be limited. As you look at it?

– I think that matter of any citizen is free will. I’ll be glad if the town would share the view of the Museum. I wouldn’t have welcomed the participation of the Museum in protest actions did not raise it on such things, the Museum is an interested party. I myself am for the fifth year on the spearhead, I ran out of steam and the protest is not my method of treatment.

- You were an officer, please explain: was one application, all told — and the Church, and that re-application was not. As it just so happens that completely changes the position of the first person in the city? What things are?

– I would have not answered, I can only answer for his words. I try to keep this word my whole life, this is my principle. What other people are doing? I’m often faced with the fact that the opinion changes 180 degrees and people begin to act differently.

Foucault’s Pendulum and the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral — what will happen to them?

is about to be a new user at the building, then it will be possible to ask questions to the new user.

- And he definitely will, or are we still a question mark put?

– When the person is not completely closed my eyes and said goodbye to this world, he still hopes for life. I remain hopeful until the last step. Nevertheless, if the owner appears new, these issues should pay to the owner. Of course, I do not think it is necessary to close the colonnade, that would be wrong and stupid. Foucault’s pendulum — I’m sorry, Museum membership, which to this temple was a temporary relation, and it remains a Museum relic. And I dream that in the new building “Lahta of the centre” there would be a space in which could be the Foucault pendulum, transmitted in real use, because it’s not just a toy but a good tool for physical experiments. Moreover, even if it will happen, as it is now declared, and the lift we will not disassemble because it is a wheelchair lift, and we would like to new user retain accessibility top platform for people with disabilities what we did just three years ago.

You already know what I’m doing, if I have to look for a new job? We understand that the contract you have a few months expires in either case.

– Today, January 11. Exactly a month later, on February 12, my birthday, the 64-th. I have 9 years retired. So it is easier for me than for those who have young children and owns several professions, like I do.

- For the city as the cultural capital of the country the whole story with Isaac will be a kind of history of “Ohta center number two”?

absolutely Not. I would not call it. The fact that the story of the “Ohta centre” was fresh, and I placed in a history Dating back 150 years. The tsarist government, if you take the historical record, rejected the claim on Isaac’s Cathedral before the revolution. The Bolsheviks gave Isaac’s Cathedral to the believers in 1918. But breathing believers had for literally 10 years, and they took it back, because has not coped with management. 90 years without one year there was a Museum. Then he begins a new life.



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