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“La La Land” tore seven Golden globes – tvnz

the Ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe” is a dress rehearsal of “Oscar” and from this point of view, the fate of the musical 31-year-old Director Damien Chazelle “La La Land” seems a foregone conclusion: he just earned a record seven statuettes for the best film in the category “musical or Comedy” the best male role (Ryan Gosling), female role (Emma stone), best Director, best screenplay, best original song and best original work of the composer. For “Golden globes” this is an unprecedented case because, unlike academics “Oscar”, the voting members of the Hollywood foreign press Association, which awards the prize, I prefer to smear a t hin layer of rewards, distributing them among several patterns.

Actors Ryan Gosling and Emma stone with the award.Photo: REUTERS

La-La Land – Trailer .

In this number of “globes” was not awarded to anyone and never: the last film, which has won more three awards in one hand, was “the Social network” by David Fincher in 2010-m to year. Recall that a few days “La-La Lend” leaves in the Russian hire.

Ryan Gosling and Emma stone in the film “La La Land”.

Among other surprises – prize for actor Aaron Taylor Johnson for a really good job in the film Tom Ford’s “Under cover of night”, in which he played the role of the main negative character. And win the famous French women Isabelle Huppert in the category “best female role in the drama”. Picture “Her” Field Verhoeven, who won in the category “best foreign language film of the year”, which was marked Huppert, unfortunately, will not participate in the Oscar race, since it was not included in the list of finalists, but the victory at the “globes” gives 63-year-old Huppert is a chance for the first time to be nominated on “Oscar”.

Aaron Taylor Johnson award for her role in the movie “Under cover of night”.Photo: REUTERS

French actress Isabelle Huppert won the award for “best actress in a drama”.Photo: REUTERS

Picture “Moonlight”, is considered one of the favorites by the number of nominations (six), received a single prize as the best film in the category “drama”, but the chances of her “Oscars” should not be underestimated. Against scrap no reception: the film Barry Jenkins tells us about the hard growing up black boys-gay.

Moonlight (2016) movie Trailer. Dramatic narrative in three parts about the life of African American Chiron: child, teenager and adult men living in Miami in the heyday of the drug trade. Surviving family collapse, conflicts with peers and awareness of their homosexual, maturing Chiron is in a painful search and accept himself.

Among other winners Casey Affleck for his starring role in the film Kenneth Lonergan “Manchester by the sea”, the drama of life “blue collar”. For the best secondary role was marked by a black actress viola Davis film “Fences” Denzel Washington, in which he played Denzel scavenger. Among other surprises – miniseries “Night Manager” Suzanne bir has collected almost all the prizes in the acting categories among the mini-series prizes will take England Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Coleman.

Hugh Laurie won the award for her role in the miniseries “the Night Manager”.Photo: REUTERS

Best television series was recognized by the British Corona (she beat the “Game of thrones” and “the Western world”) and Atlanta in the category of best television Comedy. Best actor in a drama series was named Billy Bob Thornton for “Goliath”, and the actress from the series “Crown” Claire Fay was recognized as the best among women. Best miniseries became the movie “the People vs. O. J. Simpson”.

Billy Bob Thornton received the award for her role in the series “Goliath”.Photo: REUTERS

Actress Claire Fay with the “Golden globe” for his role in the series “the Crown”, where she played the young Queen Elizabeth II.Photo: REUTERS

Crown/The Crown (2016) trailer of the series. It’s the story of Queen Elizabeth II since her wedding in 1947 up to the present time

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