Monday, January 9, 2017

Meryl Streep and Donald trump exchanged “pleasantries” on the “Golden globe” Вести.Ru

Donald trump called the famous American actress Meryl Streep supporter Hillary. It happened after she spoke with harsh criticism of the elected President of the USA at the awarding ceremony of the film award “Golden globe”. She, incidentally, was televised by broadcaster NBC.

Strip remembered before aimed at her chambers, as in 2015, the trump mocked the reporter for the disabled The New York Times. She said that while such a thing stunned her, reports TASS.

a Man claiming to be the most respected office in the country, mocked the reporter with disabilities, said the actress. That is the humiliated one whom he surpasses in everything — in privileges, power and ability to fight back.

Streep has admitted that it broke her heart. And she can’t get this story out of my head. “Because it was not a movie. It was a reality,” said the Hollywood star.

According to her, this instinct to humiliate, that showcases influential people, allow other people to do the same. The actress also spoke out in defense of journalists ‘ rights. She called on them to show integrity. In particular, in assessing the activities of the authorities.

trump, in turn, said he was not surprised by the attacks from the liberals from the world of cinema. His remarks came during a conversation with journalists of the newspaper the New York Times.

Meryl Streep starred in 250 films. She is a three-time winner of the award “Oscar”. During the recently concluded election campaign in the US, she supported Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the Democratic party.


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