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Pregnant become the trend “Golden globe” – Moskovskiy Komsomolets

more about them was said in the 74th ceremony of awards presentation in Los Angeles

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In the night from Sunday to Monday in Los Angeles took place 74-I ceremony of delivery of film awards “Golden globe”, the so-called dress rehearsal “Oscar”. The hotel “Beverly Hilton” the Association of foreign press accredited in Hollywood, numbering about 90 men, summed up the cinematic end of 2016. The largest number of awards was the musical “La La land” directed by Damien Chazelle. The picture was presented in seven categories, and won. And this is a unique case.

Беременные стали трендом «Золотого глобуса»

photo: AP

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross.

“La La Land” took “globes” in the most important nomination — “Best Comedy/musical”, “Best screenplay”, “Best song” and “Best soundtrack”, noted for his directing and acting work. In late August he opened the Venice film festival and immediately became a favorite. It’s romantic and slightly sad love story of a jazz musician in the performance of Ryan Gosling and shop cafe, dreaming about becoming an actor, played by Emma stone. It is made brilliantly, for a long time we never seen anything like it in one of the most difficult genres of the musical. Stone was inimitable actress and drew, alas, is not equal Duo. Here everyone is dancing and singing, even on congested tracks in the middle of traffic. Why to feel sad — it is necessary to leave the car and dance on the hood, and no depressions will not. Stone and Gosling noted “Golden globes” for the actor. Receiving the award, Ryan than ked his Muse and life partner actress Eva Mendes for as long as he sang and danced, had mastered the piano, she continued to raise their daughter, was expecting her second child, helped his brother in the fight against cancer. Emma stone was previously noted in Venice, “Volpi Cup” for acting achievements, while Gosling’s jury, headed by Sam Mendes ignored.

Sunny days in Los Angeles during the Moscow Morozov is particularly impressive. The track star walked the first beauties of Hollywood in a Frank neckline. Sylvester Stallone, as a year ago, came with the whole family. His three daughters, dressed in black, awarded the title of “Miss Golden globe -2017″. The trend of this year’s ceremony was the appearance of a pregnant woman at a stellar track. Mel Gibson, and not become the best Director for the film “For reasons of conscience”, presented in the nomination “the Best drama”, came to the ceremony with his pregnant girlfriend, who already were dressed at the Venice film festival. His war drama about the struggle with the Japanese militarists during the Second world war, members of the foreign press Association chose the drama “Moonlight” Barry Jenkins, talks about the time of ripening dark-skinned gay. Natalie Portman claimed the award for “Best actress (drama)” film “Jackie”, where she played Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of the 35th President of the United States. But luck has bypassed by her side. Natalie appeared on a stellar track, accompanied by her husband, choreographer Benjamin Melpe. She had on a bright yellow dress, but she attracted attention with its rounded shapes. Soon Natalie will become a mother.

Leonardo DiCaprio, a year ago got his third “Golden globe” for “Survivors”, this time presented the award for Isabelle Huppert. Played the main role in the movie “her”, Paul Verhoeven, French star recognized in Los Angeles for best dramatic actress. Before that it ignored not only the European film Academy, but also the 69th Cannes film festival, where “She” participated in the main competition. 78-year-old classic, born in Holland, Paul Verhoeven was able to tell what French character. To implement Verhoeven chose Huppert, has long become a symbol of not only French cinema but also of their country. The heroine Huppert was not afraid of a maniac, like always, and waited for the meeting with him. For this actress there are no forbidden territories, it is ready to perform any task. Of course, She is not a gem in the works of Verhoeven, but is attracted to his surprise, watching a Thriller and it turns out that it’s a Comedy. And she won a Golden globe in the category “Best foreign language film”. In this category initially featured Russian paintings — “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky, nominated for “Oscar”, “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “My killer”, a young Yakut Director Costas Marsan on the Yakut detective 70. the Budget of this movie was only 70-80 thousand dollars.

Best drama actor was Casey Affleck (brother of Ben Affleck) for her role in “Manchester by the sea.” Best television series announced biopic “Crown” of Queen Elizabeth II. And played a major role in it, Claire Foy, has become the best actress in the category. Best actor in a drama series recognized Billy Bob Thornton for the movie “Goliath”. “Zeropolis” from Disney named best animated film.


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