Monday, January 9, 2017

Vanity fair: award ceremony of “Golden globe” has become a political struggle – REN TV

What happens when actors become involved in politics, learned today millions of fans that followed the ceremony of awarding the Golden globe. Meryl Streep criticized Donald trump, comedian Jimmy Fallon joked on his election campaign.

Among the glitter of jewels, the lights of Hollywood smiles and a scattering of stars of the first magnitude,here Donald trump is the main exhibit. Although in the hall it was not, the spirit elected President of the USA that night hovered over the red carpet, and even all of Los Angeles. 74-I ceremony of handing out “Golden globes” was more political than cinematic. And the stage at which the nominees usually thank God and mom, has become a platform for scathing speeches and jokes-injections..

“Thank you, thank you all for choosing me in leading this ceremony. I am very pleased, so much so that even swinging from happiness! I want to let you know. Golden globe is a unique place where America honors the voices of the voters” – spoken by presenter Jimmy Fallon.

the baton light of the scandal picked up a recognized guru of Hollywood Meryl Streep, in recent years actively try on the role of defender of Hillary Clinton. Streep recalled the policy episode when in 2015 trump mocked the reporter for the disabled New York Times.

“When those in power use their position to mock others, we all lose out”, – expressed his opinion of the Strip.

trump immediately advised the actress to give up the bias. And added that it was not surprised at the attacks, which “exposed the liberals from the world of cinema”.

But what, in fact, the movie itself? Sensation still get. A touching musical about Hollywood misfits and fearless dreamers “La La land” broke all records, collecting as many as seven statuettes. Performed a Central role in the picture all girls in the world Ryan Gosling if would not have changed clothes after filming.

Best drama film is recognized as the “Moonlight” is a social drama about the difficult life of black teenagers in the heyday of the drug trade. Award in the category best television series went to “the Crown” – the film-the Manifesto of the British monarchy. Best actor in a dramatic film was the Ben Affleck’s brother Casey for his work in “Manchester by the sea.”


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