Monday, January 9, 2017

Triumph and record “La La land” – the Independent newspaper

the Musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma stone won seven statuettes of the award “Golden globe”

film award, Golden globe, La La land Ryan Gosling and Emma stone happy: the judges appreciated their efforts. Photo Reuters

Receiving the award for best actor in the category “Comedy or musical”, Gosling joked that he would like to cut your prize and share with Director Damien Casella and partner Emma stone: “Yes, but who wants the bottom?” Share “Golden globe” was not necessary. The awards ceremony of the Hollywood foreign press Association ended with the victory of “La La land” in all seven categories where it was declared the film never achieved a single tape.

the Film not only brought “Globes” starring Damien and Chazelle for Director and screenplay, but also composer Justin Harwich for the soundtrack separately for the song “City of Stars”, and in the final he was named the best in the category “Comedy or musical”. To our the film will be released on January 12.

In other categories, too, had enough of surprises: the best actor of the second plan contrary to the predictions became Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who starred in the film “Under cover of night,” Tom Ford, actress – viola Davis in “Fences”. The best drama was “Moonlight” Barry Jenkins – a three-part epic about the life of African-American of Chiron, best drama actor named Casey Affleck for the role of careless plumbing Lee, forced to take care of his nephew after his brother’s death, in “Manchester by the sea”, with actress Isabelle Huppert for his film “She” by Paul Verhoeven. Unbelievable but true – the same movie at the Hollywood foreign press Association has named the best foreign. Going to the statue, Verhoeven admitted in love Huppert. She, in turn, climbed onto the stage, thanked the Director “for who he is, and that allowed her to be who she is.” The actress drew attention to the fact that French film made by Dutch film Director, won in Hollywood – what borders are we talking?

Many of the outputs on the stage of cinematographers somehow expressed concern with the results of the recent elections in the US – the name of the elected President, however, has not sounded never. The creators of the best animated film “Zeropolis” reminded that even their picture is about diversity and the need to live in peace with those who are not like us. The producers of “La La land” spoke about the unifying power of art, Emma stone called to believe, to dream and not give up. But the main speech of the evening were the words spoken from the stage by actress Meryl Streep who received the award named for Cecil B. DeMille for achievements and contribution to the art.

“Who are we? What is the Hollywood? Just a bunch of people, gathered from all over the world, – said Strip. – Amy Adams was born in Italy, Natalie Portman is in Israel, Ryan Gosling, and all the nice people, – canadian, parents of virgin Patel from Kenya, he grew up in London and nominated tonight for her role Indian of Tasmania. So where are their birth certificates? Hollywood is crowded with visitors, foreigners, and to expel them, we will have nothing to watch besides football and competition in mixed martial arts, which, despite the name, is not art. This is the work of the actors is to reincarnate in people who are not like us, to give us the opportunity to feel what it’s like. This year was a lot like acting jobs, but one particularly stuck with me. Not because they were good. But this speech had the effect and did the job, forced the audience to which it was calculated, to laugh. The man who had the opportunity to hold the most respected office in the coun try, portrayed a reporter with disabilities, whom he by definition is superior in privileges and opportunities to fight back. It broke my heart, as it was not a movie, but real life” (referring to Donald trump, sparodiroval reporter with disabilities Serge of Kovaleski).

in Addition to the prizes for the feature films, “the Golden globe” award and a TV show. In this Department most of the awards (in its category) collected mini-series “the Night porter”: Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie won the statuette for best role of the first and second plans respectively, while Olivia Colman was named best actress of the second plan. “Globe” for a major role in the mini-series “American horror story” received Sarah Paulson. And the best mini-series was eventually named “American crime story”. Best drama series was the “Crown” and best actress – played in this show Claire Foy. The prize for best actor in a drama got Billy Bob Thornton for “Goliath”. As for Comedy, here are the awards received by the TV series “Atlanta” and performed the role of Donald Glover, best actress Tracey Ellis Ross from “Blackish”.

the whole ceremony of “Golden globes” was quick and cautiously: host Jimmy Fallon in contrast to his colleagues, who held this title in previous years, was bad jokes. It seems that actors and Directors have decided to approach the event more than one and use the stage as a platform for important social statements. As for the results, then it is possible to judge about the upcoming “Oscar” – and to say with confidence that “La La land”, if not repeat today’s success in the main conoceremos February 26, we’ll be rivals serious competition.


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