Sunday, January 8, 2017

Marina Neyolova has marked the 70th anniversary with family in London – the Russian Newspaper

In her life intertwined fates and styles of several cities. A native of Leningrad and became the home of Moscow. London, where he lives and works with her daughter who chose the profession of the artist. And Paris, Amsterdam and the Hague, where he worked and continues to work her husband – the diplomat, the Russian Ambassador, and now – member of the international court of justice, and for whom it is a famous folk artist, was sent as a military wife “in garrison.”

To bezambitsiozny there to fulfill one of its main roles – a devoted wife and happy mother, and then returned to Moscow and coming out of the shadows of her husband, non-stop to conduct the whole repertoire of “Contemporary”, which for many years was imposed with account of the flight of the main actress of the theater. The exception that is rarely bestowed on the Moscow stage.

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In her work were many female and even male roles (example – joint performance of “Sovremennik” theatre and the Meyerhold centre “the Overcoat”, where Neyolova played Bashmachkin), as allowed in the official congratulatory telegrams, and simple human recognition fair to call her a brilliant actress, has become home in many homes.

Its not just love, yielding infinite charm, her heroines always sympathized with and always heartily sorry for them – after all, the recognition of Marina Neelova, she never played happy women, but I never wanted to play absolute hopelessness. Remember though loving girl Nina from “Monologue” by Ilya Averbakh, though, have already become common the female heroine Alia from “the Autumn marathon” George Danelia… In her biography there were many iconic works with Directors, each of which could be full and happy acting fate, and Marina Neelova of these meetings was to list with George Daniel, Nikita Mikhalkov, Ilya Averbakh, Eldar Ryazanov, Vadim abdrashitova in the movie, Valery Fokin and Galina Volchek in the theater.

the Geography of her work has helped to keep the Royal posture, the eyes of a woman-child, always open to wonder and this wonder is ready to share with others, mood the Princess, who can afford in any circumstances to do what they want, and not what we need; and the humour of the actress that helps you to cope with all the hardships in different countries and continents.

“That warms me today? Plaid, wool socks and a nice sofa where I am with a book in his hands…” – jokes Marina Neyolova in response to questions about future plans.

interview, she gives a long and essential, but you will not find another like this Russian actress, who would so selflessly reincarnated in the movie and so mercilessly bared his soul on stage. On the day of her seventieth birthday at home, in “Sovremennik” theatre, which was given over forty years, at the request of the hero of the day, no hint of celebration.

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“There are people who love the holidays, and it doesn’t matter – this March 8, February 23, New year or birthday in advance glitter eyes, excited anticipation, the eternal question: “What to wear?!” and confidence that there will be a lot of fun. But, unfortunately, I never have fun during the holidays, I can’t “order” on a particular day, but always jealous of the ability to suddenly “jump up” it was at this time in a good mood…I’m always scared the big companies and a lot of people. The only time I love it – a full house in the theater… my husband and I will fly for a few days in London, where he now lives is our daughter,” she’s the one explaining her absence “statement” to the press – TASS, while avoiding any “dachnyj” filming.

In the applause of her atoning for 20 and 21 January when she will, as always, in the lead role in the play “the Lady”, which Director Andrzej Tambourine specially to Marina Neelova put in the “contemporary” on the play of the Polish classic of the theater of the absurd Tadeusz Różewicz. Funny, outrageous, eccentric, and not yourself – such as Marina Neyolova we have not seen and did not know.


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