Sunday, January 8, 2017

Putin congratulated Marina Neyolova anniversary –

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of Russia Marina Neyolova with 70-year anniversary. On Sunday, January 8, the press service of the Kremlin.

“a Brilliant actress, creative, passionate favorite thing man — You have added many bright pages to the history of Russian theatre and cinema, created a rich gallery of diverse, but always interesting images,” the message reads.

the Head of state noted that for each of the images of the artist is of the highest professionalism and impeccable artistic taste, sincerity and charm, enormous talent and amazing performance.

Marina Neyolova played many theater roles, took part in the play “Valentin and Valentina”, “twelfth night,” “the Cherry garden” “Three sisters,” “Auditor,” and others. In filmography neelovo over 50 paintings, including his role in the film “Olga Sergeevna”, “Autumn marathon”, “Dear Elena Sergeevna”.

Neyolova is the owner of several state prizes of USSR and Russia, including the State prize of the RSFSR in the field of theatrical art, as well as the award “Nika”. In 2006, the actress was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree, and in 2012 received the order of Honor “for great contribution in development of domestic culture and art,” and “many years of fruitful activity”. 8 Jan Marina Neelova was 70 years old.


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