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Om Puri died, and with it Indian cinema for Russian Moskovsky Komsomolets

On the territory of the former USSR bollywood has finally ceased to be popular

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moviegoer remembers the outstanding actor Ohm Puri, who passed away at 66 years old. A scattering of luxury in its colour and the music of the movies – from “disco Dancer” to “Spices of passion”, from which one was moaning in delight the whole country from edge to edge that is comically demonstrated in the film “Mimino”, when in the mountainous Georgian village brought Indian film, in fact, does not need translation… Alas, care Puri – it is a sad occasion to talk about the gathering of the popularity of bollywood paintings in present-day Russia. Why is it so – we tried to find out from the film critic Kirill raslogov.

Ом Пури умер, а с ним индийское кино для россиян

Om Puri. A scene from the movie “the Spices of passion” (2014)

Kirill E. died really iconic actor…

– Om Puri – one of the strongest and brightest actors, which combines, on the one hand, a spectacular role in big bollywood films, on the other, was a very serious dramatic actor. I think that the level of talent (if not the level of fame), it can be associated with Amitabh Bachchan (which is considered the largest), or from a new generation – with Shah Rukh Khan, for example.

But bollywood today has not handed over its positions in the world?

– as for bollywood, the problem is very complicated. On the one hand, the bollywood world is very much entrenched, and is now perceived as one of the few rivals to Hollywood and transnational cinema (though Hollywood generally looks to the West, although to the East, too, and bollywood to the East, though the West, too).

But in our country, bollywood has lost…

– This was due to the Pro-Western orientation, which has replaced the Communist regime. And those countries that were mostly made a success of Indian cinema, is a Central Asian Republic, – they seceded from the Soviet Union. On their financial capabilities, they are poor, they have no money to buy bollywood picture, so they began to make their home-grown “bollywood”.

Om Puri. A scene from the movie “disco Dancer” (1983)

This is, first and foremost concerns of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (it is a little we know, but there is a very strong film, which can compete in rental, even with Hollywood, but in bollywood tape the money they have is not enough). In Russia a similar situation with the same Yakutia, but it is bollywood never focused.

– But fans of Indian cinema have survived?

- of Course, although due to the profile channel… When international politics shifted, and we have recently become more look to the East than to the West, the situation gradually began to turn to Bollywood, but, so to say, is strong-willed effort of leadership after Putin’s meeting with Prime Minister modi, and then followed the many festivals of Indian cinema… However, these festivals were not met audience success.


They did not give the economic result, which gives Russia a Hollywood movie. Why? Perhaps psychology in Russia is still prosapogenin, despite the Eastern orientation of the policy. But it may be the conscious support of the Eastern start, the BRICS, the focus on India and China and will eventually give some results… until I hard to say. While the film community (commercial and creative) treats it with caution, and do something in terms of promotion of bollywood with reluctance, not believing that in Russia something will happen with such giants as Indian and Chinese cinema.

They fail?

China and India will not find here the viewer of this magnitude and this degree of security, which could give a serious economic boost.


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