Friday, January 6, 2017

The Patriarch wished the faithful at Christmas to always feel the divine presence – TASS

MOSCOW, January 7. /TASS/. The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill at the end of a festive night service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior congratulated the believers on the coming holiday of Christmas and wished them to always “feel in the heart of the divine presence.”

“I heartily congratulate you with the great and world-saving feast of the Nativity. This day is especially faithful in heart to feel the divine presence. The Lord came into the world two thousand years ago, <...> and he never left us, he is always with us, and that the Orthodox faith differs from other faiths – because we confess the divine presence in our lives,” – said the Patriarch.

According to him, “in order to feel God, you don’t need to be Superman, no need to strain your superhuman strength – you only need to sincerely turn to the Lord in prayer, and he answers this prayer.” “It is the basis of our faith, and this very strong argument – personal experience with God, no one ever, throughout two thousand years of Christian history, could not deprive people”, – said the Primate in his sermon.

He noted that on Christmas day, believers feel a special proximity to God and beg him not to leave them “ways of life”, at the same time, said the Patriarch, “everyone has their own prayer.”

“Someone prays for healing oneself or family, someone needs help in teaching, in work, in difficult circumstances, someone like our soldiers, we need God’s help to save the lives and health at that time, which we call peaceful, but which many of our compatriots who are defending the Fatherland in the near and distant approaches, peace is not. Each has its own prayer, and we believe that the Lord, these our prayers will be heard”, – concluded the Patriarch.


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