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Renata Litvinova: Diva of postmodernism – the Russian Newspaper

One friend, working in TV, told the following story. Before the premiere she had to record a short interview with Renata Litvinova. And suddenly for a few moments before the interview the actress daughter called. And Litvinova has been an incredible metamorphosis taking the tube, it instantly turned off his famous image, changed the manner of speech and suddenly became itself. “Watch it was certainly curious, – later recalled the journalist. But when she finished talking and forgot “to include Renata Litvinova”, I was scared for the report. For it needed that Litvinov that people know.”

All ended well. During the play it became clear that the process of adapting to a public image of Renata’s Muratovna occurs automatically and quite naturally – without any prompting or reminders. And in this naturalness with which she switches to the “artificiality” (then explain why that word is in quotes), probably, lies the secret of its uniqueness.

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Actresses who to the last detail, down to tiny details came up with themselves, the world cinema is teeming with. The whole “Golden age” of Hollywood is a parade of fake biographies, covered with thousands of imaginary legends. Who are Greta Garbo, and Katharine Hepburn without the myth about them? Right, just beautiful young ladies. And with the myth of the diva. And Litvinova, of course, also diva – only in an era when mass production divas has ended.

the Recipe of creation itself from the diva Litvinova, of course, assembled there, in the “Golden Hollywood”. As a sample, we can assume, chose one of the most sophisticated stars of the period – Marlene Dietrich. The complexity Dietrich was not that she was an outsider in Hollywood. And not even the fact that she remained a real actress, even when the camera was turned off. The complexity of Dietrich that, in his carstvovanie in ordinary life she came to incredible heights – for her as for the heroine maevskogo “Theatre” whole life was a game. And that was not a game and life is not very considered. It is no coincidence that in his autobiography (a rarity, by the way, servile – in the later years of Dietrich chose to depict the innocent ingénue), it actually says nothing about how she lived alone in Paris after leaving the cinema. And Litvinova, there was no artificiality in her public persona – is perhaps the most organic part of her artistic nature.

But Litvinova is, of course, too smart to just imitate Dietrich. In this case it would just remain to be one of many. Moreover, “Russian Dietrich” only one of the great is not called – range from the Lyubov Orlova to Lyudmila Gurchenko. Litvinova also eventually find a place in that Pantheon, but with a significant caveat – in addition to Dietrich attentive Litvinova puts on a lot of other clothing items. Being by nature a brilliant clown, it is, for example, his well-aimed and sharp tongue continues the tradition of Faina Ranevskaya – it “afraid to live” and “Slatina and humus” has thoroughly gone to the people.

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But most importantly, while it remains itself. Even the thing in itself is a tough nut to crack for any Director. No wonder they love her it Directors-intellectuals, who instantly tasted the fake. The paradox Litvinova is also a fact that acting exclusively in the Directors (Peter Greenaway, Kira Muratova, Nikolay Khomeriki, Anna Melikyan), movies which look, in our country, in the best case, tens of thousands, it remains the idol of millions. In the Director’s incarnation, she also flirts with a broad audience of the masses – hardly a large percentage of those in our country who admire her, saw at least one of its feature films.

the secret of this paradox that created itself Renata Litvinova, being diva of the era of the development of postmodernism, in fact, far wider and more varied. Postmodernism, as is known, destroyed the hierarchy and replaced the contents of the form, an endless game of quotes. Litvinova enjoys playing this game, but still primarily a person. In a time when national cinema is not just enough individuals that it is the best embodiment of our cinema – it is forever young and beautiful symbol.

“RG” congratulates Renata Litvinova birthday and wishes her realize all of their creative and personal aspirations!


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