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At the anniversary Pushkin poetry festival will recreate the atmosphere of the first festivals – Pskov News Feed

09.03.2016 19:20 ITT, Pskov

 On Wednesday, March 9, g ubernator Pskov region Andrei Turchak convoked a working consultation dedicated to the issues of organization and holding of the 50th Pushkin Poetry Festival, which this year will take place in Pushkin Mountains from 2 to 6 June.


  According to the Pskov tape of the news in the press service of the regional administration in is currently formed by the organizing committee for the organization and conduct of the Pushkin Poetry Festival, which was headed by Counsellor n Russian resident on culture and the Arts, the Russian essayist, Leo Tolstoy’s great-grandson Vladimir Tolstoy.

 Director General of Directorate of theatrical concert Dmitry Meskhiev presented the updated concept of Pushkin Poetry Festival. He stressed that the activities of the cultural program will be divided into separate thematic platforms – literary, theater, children, family, etc. The main activities of the festival will be held 4 -. 5 June in Pushkin Mountains. Festive site will also be deployed in Pskov.

 Dmitry Meskhiev stressed that the theater and concert Directorate has already started to prepare a special theater repertoire. It is planned that specifically to the Pushkin Poetry Festival chief director of the Pskov Drama Theater Pushkin Alexander Kladko prepare premiere, Regional Puppet Theater will also present young viewers open-air spectacle.

 In the discussion Andrew Turchak proposed to recreate the 50th Pushkin poetry festival atmosphere of the first festivals. Many festive events calendar repeat those loved by guests of the festival of poetry in the mid 60-ies of the last century. In particular, it was decided to repeat the experience of previous years, when the famous writers and poets, actors Student Theatre “went to the people to read Pushkin».

 During the festival they will be used and preserved photographic and video archives first poetry events, which came to about 150 thousand people from all over the country. Posters and invitations will also be formleny in the style of the 60′s.

 Guide Museum-Reserve of AS Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye” presented plans to open a number of museum exhibitions. In addition, in the same period, the traditional festival of youth theaters will be held in St Michael.

 At the meeting, we were talking about the need to form a writers’ delegation, which will include well-known Russian writers and poets. Head of the region said that the geography of participants should be as broad and proposed to include in the delegation of writers from the former Soviet republics and foreign countries. Andrew Turchak also instructed to study the issue in the framework of the Pushkin Poetry Festival Pushkin Prize.

 Concluding the discussion, g ubernator Andrew Turchak received head theatrical concert Directorate Dmitry Meshieva together with the State Committee for Culture and the direction of Pushkin Reserve as soon as possible to prepare the program of the 50th Pushkin Poetry Festival. After that, it will be presented to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina, as well as the chairman of the organizing committee Vladimir Tolstoy

Source:. Pskov News Release


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