Sunday, July 17, 2016

A film about the attack on the Bastille Day withdrawn from the French rolling –

In France, withdrew from the film distribution film Bastille Day (the Russian version – “Steep steps”) about the impending attack on the Bastille Day, writes Variety

A request from a production company StudioCanal entered the morning of July 16th.. The film premiered in France on Wednesday, 13 July, and a few days show he took ninth place in the ranking of the network of cinemas CGR Cinemas.

«We hesitated because of the Bastille Day. Initially, we decided to leave the film, because we had no complaints. Developments in it is very different from the case in attacks Nice, and we show a lot of pictures with scenes of violence of various kinds … We must remain strong and continue to live, “- he explained the director of network CGR Cinemas Buyssen Jocelyn (Jocelyn Bouyssy). However, after receiving a request from StudioCanal, it was decided to stop the display of the tape “out of respect».

Action co-produced in the USA, France and the United Kingdom tells the story of a French woman, cooking the attack on the Bastille Day. In the story comes to a CIA agent who has to prevent the attack.

the evening of July 14 after taking the salute in honor of Bastille Day in Nice, a native of Tunisia Mohamed Laueezh Boolell truck drove into the crowded urban waterfront. According to witnesses, the car zigzags and deliberately crushed pedestrians. The police opened fire and shot the driver. According to recent reports, 84 people were killed, including a citizen of Russia, about two dozen victims are in hospitals.


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