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The artist and the philosopher: the Tretyakov Gallery opened an exhibition Aivazovsky – TASS

MOSCOW, July 29th. / TASS /. The exhibition “Ivan Aivazovsky. To the 200th anniversary of his birth,” which opened in the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val to the public on July 29 is to show the artist’s relevance and help to overcome preconceived attitude towards it of spectators because of repeated similar themes in his work. The journalists on the opening day said the director of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova

“In his paintings there is a lot of serious deep meanings that people over the years have ceased to read:. They do not see the content and meaning, they see a spectacular painting after losing . cultural code We have tried to do everything possible to decode (decrypt) the messages just to get people to open their eyes and look at Aivazovsky without bias then found the philosopher and thinker. “- noted she

A total of ambitious exhibition displays 120 paintings and 55 graphic works by Aivazovsky, which complemented his personal belongings and marine paraphernalia – models of ships, telescopes. In most of the Tretyakov Gallery is not stored as many works of the famous masters, therefore, participation in the organization of the exhibition was a lot of museums, mainly in St. Petersburg

“The exhibition displays the best works by Aivazovsky We did not talk -.. Take it or not the exhibition a particular product, we have had very serious hours of discussion, we want to show the artist, we want it to open and reveal and what we want to convey to the audience “- explained Tregulova

not only. sea ​​

first of all, everyone knows how Aivazovsky seascape artist and audience expectations will not be cheated. Entrance to the exhibition is accompanied by pouring from the speakers and the sound of the surf lapping waves video installation art group “Blue Soup”, and open the exhibition rich coloristic “Storm at Yevpatoria November 2, 1854″ and “The Ninth Wave”. Here you can see the “Rainbow” and “Wave”, and pictures with fabulous views of the Istanbul night, training and military maneuvers of ships.

The symbol of a large-scale exposition was painting “Black Sea”. In front of him as Tregulova admitted, during his visit to the museum twice stopped by Anish Kapoor, whose exhibitions are held all over the world – from the Tate Modern to Versailles and the Grand Palais. One of the most famous contemporary artists saw in this work close to his creative motives and said that he does the same thing as Aivazovsky, – he tries to reflect the infinite. And, according to the director of the Tretyakov Gallery, this view helped the exhibition organizers to understand how current can be Aivazovsky, and that this also needs to be emphasized.

Many visitors to the exhibition for the first time see the scenery Aivazovsky, in which water is not the basis of the composition, as in the painting “View of Moscow from Sparrow hills”, or is in a different state of aggregation as a small landscape “Emperor Alexander II on winter walks on the frozen Neva”.

Sturm will not be

The exhibition is accompanied by Aivazovsky and educational programs, and special interactive project, and made a studio ABC design souvenir line, and its opening was preceded by a promotional video with the metaphor of the artist’s death. The first video for the exhibition Tretyakov Gallery lifted for exposure Valentin Serov – Mammoth Vera painting “Girl with Peaches” informed the audience that it is better to walk than to sit still. As a result, the project has broken all records for attendance, as in a museum after placement on the site of the demolished door had to go almost non-stop operation.

This experience has repeatedly stressed Tregulova, was taken into account and for the convenience of visitors at the Museum introduced, in particular, pre-sale tickets to the exhibition Aivazovsky over the Internet.

“I think that this exhibition will be a success, but we do not set ourselves the task to overcome the bar at 485 thousand. audience. and, in principle, it will not be possible, because we had planned a visit to this exhibition so that people would come, not standing in long queues and could easily see the picture and think about what they saw, “- concluded the director of the Tretyakov gallery

The exhibition will continue. its work until 20 November.


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