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Announced competitive program of the 73rd Venice Film Festival – BBC

The organizers of the Venice Film Festival announced the program of the 73rd of review. The main competition presents 20 of US films, France, Argentina, Spain, Italy and other countries.

Russian Competition 73rd Mostra presents a picture of Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise.”

The film was shot Konchalovsky production center in collaboration with the German filmmakers. During the war, the participant of the French Resistance, Russian emigrant Olga (Julia Vysotsky) was arrested for what she is hiding from the raids of the Jewish children, and now her fate depends on the French collaborator Jules (actor from France Philippe Duquesne) and SS officer Helmut (German actor Christian Klaus). In other roles in the film are busy Viktor Sukhorukov, Peter Kurt Jakob Diehl and Vera Voronkova

The site Konchalovsky aim of the film is stated the words of the German philosopher Karl Jaspers:. “We can not allow the horrors of the past were forgotten. We must always be reminded of the past. It has been proved possible, and this possibility remains. Only knowledge can prevent it ».

For the first time Andrei Konchalovsky took part in the competition at the Venice Film Festival with his debut film” First Teacher “in 1965.

Then he brought to Venice, filmed in the US drama “Maria’s Lovers,” in 1984, “House of fools” in 2002 (special jury prize), and two years ago, his painting “The postman’s White nights” received on festival “Silver lion” for Best Director.

Kochalovsky promised that he will present “Paradise” in Venice. “Emotions I now have a lot, but you write succinctly:” Konchalovsky very happy “, – said director of the agency TASS


In the main Venice 2016 competition have been selected: a new job. German director Wim Wenders “Beautiful days in Aranjuez” – filmed in the format 3D film adaptation of the play by Peter Handke poetic; Emir Kusturica drama about love during the Bosnian war, “the Milky Way”, the main role in which was played by the director himself and Monica Bellucci; hour and a half story Terence Malik of the Universe “Time Travel” with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Also in competition is declared the story of Francois Ozon about the consequences of war, “Franz” and the Canadian Denis Villeneuve before starting work on the sequel to “Blade Runner” took another fiction –

on the difficulties of communication . with aliens “Arrival” with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner

to open the 73rd festival in Venice will be another competitive tape – “La La Land” Damien Shazella ( “obsession”), it is the love story of a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) and aspiring actress (Emma Stone) in Los Angeles. And at the close of show-competition film “The Magnificent Seven” Antoine Fuqua -. Remake of the classic westerns 1960

Out of competition

In addition to “The Magnificent Seven” in-competition program of Venice promised to the first two episodes of the first television by Paolo Sorrentino’s “Young Dad”. In this series Jude Law played the role of a fictional Pope Pius XIII, who had just won the Holy See in the Vatican, and Diane Keaton – nun from America, which was very helpful to this election. Premiere vosmiseriynogo film is expected in October (in the US it will show HBO channel)

Another expected Venice premiere -. A new film by Mel Gibson-directed

«Bad boy” of Hollywood was actually a few years out of the cinematic process – because of its own excesses in expressions and scandalous divorce. He made several appearances on the screen ( “Beaver”, “Machete Kills”, “The Expendables 3″), but, for example, was not even invited to any guest role in the fourth “Mad Max.” However, his directorial talents had not in question, “Braveheart,” “The Passion of the Christ” or “Apocalypse” are very good films regardless of the utterances Gibson

Its new director. work – historical war drama “For reasons of conscience” based on real events of world war II

The main character -. believer pacifist soldier Desmond T. Doss refused to take up arms and became a medical orderly, he endured wounded from the battlefield, he was wounded several times, and then received a military award – the medal “For courage”, although it is not made a single shot. This role is played by Andrew Garfield ( “The Social Network”, “Amazing Spider-Man”), and apart from him in the film involved Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington and Hugo Weaving.

73rd Venice International Film Festival will take place from 31 August to 10 September. The jury of the main competition was headed by British director Sam Mendes, owner of the director’s “Oscar” for the film “American Beauty” and director of the two editions of James Bond -. “” Skayfoll “Coordinates and” Spectrum »

And to help him to be an international team – American singer Laurie Anderson, actress Gemma Arterton, Nina Hoss, Zhao Wei and Chiara Mastroianni, director Joshua Oppenheimer (the author of the documentary “Act of murder”) and Lorenzo Vigas Venezuela



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