Friday, July 15, 2016

Famous Russian musician died of cancer – Dni.Ru

Died popular sound, frontman “Korean LEDchiki” Yuri Grymov. The cause of death was a musician Vladivostok thyroid cancer.

Sister Yuri Tatiana Grymov Chuprov told about the death of his brother on the page “Vkontakte”. On the eve of a dead 34-year-old musician discovered in the country. In early April, the sound engineer said about the terrible diagnosis in the social network.

“I’ve analysis confirmed thyroid cancer What myself and congratulations..” – Wrote the musician. Grymov described his serious condition, but tried to keep cheerful attitude. “I would get a job, to be ** I like cancer. Chemotherapy is going through now, and standards. The left leg, however, almost did not work from the injections, but this is normal. Hematoma at the inguinal lymph node … The muscle is paralyzed. Thigh muscle not furychit. Below knee leg does not work … stupid dragging her as legless … “- said the musician.

Also, according to the records Grymov in social networks, in recent months, he had difficulties with the money. In March, the actor wrote: “There is no money nor the cats food nor cigarettes Most tuhlyak come There is only a package of oatmeal and all…” And in early June, the musician said that he was evicted from the apartment, while he was in the hospital. This Grymov the rest of his life trying to save the ability to find a new job and cope with the disease.

Yuri Grymov has engineered stations New Wave, “Europe plus Vladivostok”, worked with the Maximum radio, “Russian Radio” and “FM Sports”. Hip-hop group from Vladivostok “Korean LEDchiki”, in which the musician was the frontman, famed obscene hits devoted to prominent politicians. In particular, one of the most high-profile on the Web and in the media has become a sarcastic song “Putin’s Plan”, released in 2007. Group provoked public and tracks of Lenin and Medvedev. At the moment, the project is frozen.


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