Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The creators of “Star Trek” will not seek a replacement Anton Yelchin – Rosbalt.RU

 The creators of “Star Trek” will not seek a replacement victim Anton Yelchin, who starred in Chekhov Pavel. But what to do with this character, no one knows yet.

 The last time Anton appeared on screen in “Star Trek: Infinite”. This film leaves in hire on July 21, 2016.

 According to producer JJ Abrams’ franchise, it is too early to announce a final decision over the fate of Chekhov Pavel.

 “I can say with confidence that the search for a replacement, we will not Anton, – says Abrams. – No rekastinga. Even to imagine that I can not. And I think that Anton deserves better. »

 The producer also admitted that they considered the option with the murder of a character, but the decision is still pending. “I thought a lot about it. Now we are working on this issue. But it is too early to draw conclusions “, – notes Abrams

 It was reported that the actor died about a month ago as a result of a collision of your own car.


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