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The outstanding Russian choreographer Boris Eifman celebrates 70th anniversary –

July 22 famous Russian choreographer, People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director of the St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman is 70 years old.

Over the years, Eifman was awarded numerous prizes he repeated laureate of “Golden Sofit” Theatre Award, the National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” (1996, 1999), the “Triumph” award (1996). Eifman was awarded the “Peace and Harmony” Order in the nomination “The new word in the choreography”, was awarded the Order “For Services to the Fatherland” IV, III and II degrees, he Chevalier of the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Eifman staged 50 ballets, and his company anywhere in the world collects notices.

In honor of the anniversary of St. Petersburg will host a series of celebratory events, including grand spectacle “Boris Eifman. Anniversary” on the Alexandrinsky Theatre, which will be held on 22 July. The program will include pieces from iconic choreographer productions, reflecting the main stages of his work. Viewers can see the scenes from “Anna Karenina”, “Rodin”, “Up & amp; Down”, “Tchaikovsky PRO et CONTRA.”, Etc.

 Today, the fund “Petersburg chronicle”, an exhibition of Igor Metelsky “Eifman Ballet. What the audience does not see”, which presents the photos taken at the rehearsals of the troupe of the St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman. The exhibition is open to all comers to 11 August.

In the mansion JK Dobbert, in the interiors of the monument of wooden architecture of the XIX century, opened in August last year after the renovation and restoration, presents a number of installations, produced by theater artists Jana Glushanok and Yuri Suchkov. The exhibition, spanning almost 50 years of artistic life of the choreographer, presented sketches of costumes and scenery famous Eifman Ballet performances, rehearsal and scenic photographs, posters, props, as well as personal belongings of Boris Eifman, many of which will be on display for the first time.

 Sam celebrated choreographer on the eve of the anniversary, told the RIA “Novosti” for the main direction of the theater, the principles of drawing up its repertoire of artists selection criteria, authors, inspiring the creation of ballets, and why it choreographer-called philosopher.

Eifman said that the world needs a ballet of the new millennium with its special plasticity and intellectual content. “The figures of the dance to find new ideas and creative resources in order to make a breakthrough in the twentieth century (which is still the art of ballet) in the twenty-first century”, – he said.

According to the choreographer, “a modern audience should not have to choose between the” Swan Lake “and choreographic patterns of abstraction – is absurd.” “I am not in any way encourage sink achievements of our great predecessors the contrary, they should be cherished store But at the same time, the world needs a ballet of the new millennium with its special plasticity and intellectual content..”, – Said the maestro.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated People’s Artist of Russia on the anniversary, called the Boris Eifman’s “real master and creator.” “You are rightly considered an outstanding representative of the national choreographic art, the present Master and creator – the president -. You’ve never walked the beaten path – inexhaustible energy, talent and loyalty to the vocation helped you create your own theater space, to bring to life a lot of impressive creative projects which have become a significant event in the cultural life of our country and other countries. ” “It is important that today a lot of you and inspired work, remain unchanged commitment to high artistic ideals and principles, – said Putin -. And always open to interesting and unusual ideas and plans.”

 Yankelevich Boris Eifman born July 22, 1946 in the town of Rubtsovsk, Altai Territory in the family of an engineer and Yankel Borisovich Eifman doctor Clara Markovna Kuris.

In 1951, together with his family he moved to Chisinau (Moldova), where in 1964 he graduated from the choreographic department of the Chisinau Music School.

From 1962 to 1966 directed the children’s choreographic studio at the Palace of Pioneers.

In 1966-1972 he studied on choreography department of the Leningrad State Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov, class of Georgy Aleksidze.

The first setting and graduate work Eifman was the ballet “Gayane” (music by Aram Khachaturian).

In 1970-1977 he worked as choreographer of the Leningrad Choreographic School (now – the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet). During his time there staged “Life toward”, “Date”, “Soul great gusts …”, “Russian Symphony”, “Fantasy”, “Interrupted Song”, which went on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Kirov (now – the Mariinsky Theatre). At the same time he created a film-ballet “Icarus”, “Variations on a Rococo Theme”, “Brilliant Divertissement”, “Three essays”, “Bloody Sun”.

In 1975, on the stage of the Kirov Theatre the premiere of “The Firebird” (music by Igor Stravinsky).

In 1977, Boris Eifman has created architectural theater – “Leningrad New Ballet” (now – St. Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman).

With this company he set the first performances of “Only Love” (music by Rodion Shchedrin.), “Temptation” (music by Rick Wakeman.), “Under the cover of darkness” (music by Bela Bartok.), “Girl, Interrupted song “(music. Imants Kalnins),” Two- “(compositions by early Pink Floyd).

bold experiment became one of the first ballets of the theater “Boomerang” on the music of Pink Floyd, which The New York Times published an article entitled “Boris Eifman – the man who dared to.” He brought choreographer reputation of “choreographic dissident” and made critics talk about new trends in the Russian ballet.

Over the years, Boris Eifman has created 50 ballets: program of chamber ballets ( “Autograph”, “Metamorphosis”), ballets bouffe ( “Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro,” “Twelfth Night,” ” Intrigues of love “), ballets, parable (” Legend “), ballet-fairy tale (” The Firebird, “” Pinocchio “). World recognition to work, “Tchaikovsky”, “I – Don Quixote”, “Red Giselle”, “Russian Hamlet”, “Anna Karenina,” “The Seagull,” “Onegin”, “Rodin”, “On the other side of sin,” ” Requiem”.

In 2009 the Alexandrinsky theater premiere of the ballet “Onegin.Online”. According Eifman, the prefix “Online” in the title is intended to prepare the audience for what they see is not quite what to read Pushkin’s novel.

In February 2013 St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman at the Bolshoi Theatre showed the play “Rodin,” which was nominated for the “Golden Mask” in the category “Best ballet”. And in October, the choreographer presented the Moscow audience ballet “On the other side of sin,” based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov.”

In 2014, the choreographer brought to Moscow his ballet “Requiem”.

In 2015, Boris Eifman Ballet presented “Up & amp; Down” on the complex and multifaceted novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is the Night”, with whom he toured Europe and the United States.


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