Thursday, July 28, 2016

In the box “Neon Demon” Nicolas Winding Refn – BBC

Sixteen blonde touchy Jesse (Elle Fanning) arrives in Los Angeles from a province with the firm intention to make a career using their own dazzling beauty – that is, to become a model. Her dream really did not finish school girl quickly starts to come true, albeit slightly creepy way. It takes a vicious turn agentshi (Christina Hendricks) and new friend in the person languid vizazhistka and more experienced colleagues in the midst of friendly parties arrange confidential interrogation for someone with whom Jesse fucks. Also on the horizon quickly arise infernal photographer (Desmond Harrington) and campy fashion designer who sees a new star in the girl.

Soon, however, it appears that young blood here appreciate not only metaphorically, but in the truest sense of

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the output of each film Dane Nicolas Winding Refn reminiscent of a bullfight, or a magnificent circus. The director has been working for 20 years, but has earned a reputation hedlaynerskuyu only zero – through meditation “Valhalla” and stylistically flawless homage vosmidesyatnicheskogo movie “Drive”. Romantic thriller with Ryan Gosling opened the doors of the largest independent studios. However, rather than to engage in replicating working formulas,

% Refn for the second film in a row experiencing moviegoers strength, and does it with irritating calm.

Three-year-old “Only God forgives” was booed at Cannes for the informative emptiness, but in fact was a rare experience for the creation of the ancient tragedy of rigor and at the same time is hardly the most amazing superhero film in history. The newest “Neon Demon” was adopted at the festival a little more relaxed, albeit lukewarm, and in the American box office already crushingly failed. The claims are the same. The director accused of a movie instead it removes video art and provocation replaces the statement. Refn and he willingly gives grounds for such conclusions. His task – to make movies available the widest possible audience, and because it takes incredibly beautiful, and individual scenes turns into a hypnotic clips under gloomy synth roulades of permanent composer Cliff Martinez

What. as for the provocations, then this is also okay – closer to the finale “Demon” of gothic glamor tales mutate into a horror of homosexual necrophilia and cannibalism

However, here the director demonstrates not only the sick soul. how much imagination – are on the brink of madness because artists are rarely able to hold the camera firmly and so clearly know what they want to say, as with the notorious’s message here is really all right.

Extremely tough scenes and macabre metaphors as contrasting extremes of light and dark scenes, Refn needed not for the sake of desire to sprinkle the screen reds, but only for the sake of clarity. Choosing the fashion world as an ultimatum illustrate his reasoning about the fate of beauty in the modern world, Refn iterates through all the ways and tone of the conversation on this subject. He begins with a bruised fairy tale in the spirit of “Shougerlz” continues satire and ends with horror to the final frame with a dedication to his beloved wife Liv soar along with the audience in a totally clear, crystal happiness.

the euphoria that the output gives” Neon demon “, it is difficult to explain in words.

Refn somehow managed to keep the twilight glamor freak show to key archetypes in which role, however, appear daubed dolls with cannibals ajar, as in advertising, their mouths. If somehow formulate a conclusion that all of this can be done, then, apparently, it consists of two parts. Beauty is still able to save, and the most important in the modern world the question “Who are you – the food or sex?” Is best answered squeamish silence and politely withdraw



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