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On HBO series begins “head teacher” – BBC

The old headmaster (a small role, a cameo by Bill Murray) is leaving his post for family reasons, leaving the school in two of his deputies, directors of studies – Nile Gemba (Danny McBride), who is responsible for the educational work, and Lee Russell (character actor Walton Goggins), responsible for the study. Each of these claims to the vacant seat and to the best of nasty competitor. But all in vain – fly two, and the new director becomes overbearing Belinda Brown (Kimberly Hebert Gregory). However, to give up any Gemba nor Russell is not going to – they conclude a truce with each other to be friends against Brown

The TV channel HBO began airing comedy series “head teacher” in which school staff swearing at each other and students. bad copes with conflict and cherished position becomes the occasion for a large-scale war for life and death. In Russia, the series will show the online service “Amediateka” (premiere of the first series will be held July 18) in the voice acting studio “Courage Bamboo”. On the eve of the premiere of “Times” asked Denis Kolesnikov, official voice of the studio to talk about what to expect from the audience, “the director of studies»

-. What are your impressions of the series ‘head teacher’

– You know, my advice to all spectators – wait until at least the second series, because the events of the pilot episode slowly and only at the very end slips thought about, something to be! I, for example, the pilot is not caught immediately, and only after watching the second series, I finally decided that I would voice “head teacher»

-. What’s wrong with the first series like and what happened in the second?

– We must remember that “the head teacher» – HBO channel a product that is known for an open relationship and to shoot, and to how the characters speak, so that the pilot a lot of American mat, which the translation does not know what to do, because in the end the show will go on TV. And it’s not that bad, just that I almost do not work with this material, and it was a challenge. In addition, once again, the series began to accelerate sharply in the second series. There was action. Well, with obscene language will understand according to “Courage Bambeya”, as they say

-. Who are the characters you liked more

-? Right now I can say exactly what the protagonist of “head teacher” was Neil Gemba by Danny McBride. It is, of course, active and self-loving guy, but otherwise he all bad: he was trying to obtain a position as director of the school and has not received, his wife left him, his daughter communicates more with his stepfather than with him. And over time, this unlucky start to empathize with a human being. It’s like your neighbor, that life does not carry, I feel sorry for him and want to somehow support

-. I thought he was like a Homer Simpson

. – I think, yes. It’s like “The Simpsons”, but if Homer itself shirt-guy, the Nile Gemba still calculates the moves in advance

-. In general, you do this show reminded any show – at us or abroad

-? Probably, “head teacher” little in common with the Russian TV series “Fizruk”. There Dmitry Nagiyev character seems to be working in the school system, but rather be outside. The “head teacher” these two characters – actually Gemba and his colleague Lee Russell, and their rivalry is built plot of “pilot”. They are sworn enemies, but to really show begins after these two characters together to anything to oppose a third party, the new headmaster Dr. Belinda Brown

-. What audience, in your opinion, it is calculated

-? «head teacher” uniquely adult series, despite the fact that it takes place in school. But raised by the topic and the method of communication between the characters are too old, it’s not a series about a school in the Russian understanding. On the other hand, we Valeria Gai Germanicus removed “School”, which compared to the “head teacher”, of course, is not necessary. These series are completely different, but Germanicus showed the reverse side of school life teenagers, and we understand that this is not only high school students, but also children in the elementary grades can behave this way and say such things out loud that it can not be played in a decent society. The “head teacher” all the same, but from the point of view of school staff

-. And would you like to have in the school were the head teachers, the heroes of the series ?

– No, definitely! And no one would wish to study in this school.


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