Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gallery Aivazovsky in Feodosia be repaired in 2017 – Mail.Ru

Simferopol. July 27 – RIA Novosti (Crimea). This year, the Art Gallery of them. Aivazovsky in Feodosia hold emergency response work, which will allow to get rid of dampness in the halls. Major repair them as institutions is scheduled for 2017. This was on Radio “Sputnik in Crimea” said the head of the city administration Stanislav Krysin.

«Several times I was in the gallery with the chairman Gevchuk City Council and a deputy of the State Council Yevgeny Mikhailov, inspected the premises, there can not be a picture store: dampness gone. We have established a commission to Aivazovsky, the Popular Front is involved in all the hearings. To date, allocated money for emergency response work in the art gallery to them. Aivazovsky, the tender is won, we have already met with the contractor, the work of the lead. Already quality repairs will be planned in 2017, “- said Krysin

will put things in order and on the territory adjacent to the gallery: it will be cleared from the shops and cafes.. Fully complete the work planned in the next year.

«Today our sponsors are willing to purchase the proper equipment. Kebab, we quickly remove the tables. We have a tough stance: a gallery of them. Aivazovsky should have access, should approach people and see this beauty, “- said Krysin

In addition, according to him, the Armenian Diaspora Feodosia and Russia responded to the request of the city administration and agreed to assist in the improvement of the grave of the artist on. the territory of the Armenian cemetery. The works will start after the accomplishment of the project agree with the expert committee.

«What Aivazovsky’s grave? It is necessary to still walk through the Armenian cemetery, to restore order, install toilets, fence, remove the grass, near the burial tidy. They (the Armenian diaspora – Ed.) Will induce the order, make improvement project. I said only this: will restore order to amateur was not. Show the project, we have expert this inspection, you need that you would like us to the whole world to the 200th anniversary of the made beauty “-. Said Krysin

Earlier it was reported that emergency response work in the building of the gallery Aivazovsky It allocated 32.6 million rubles. At the same time the restoration of the whole picture, according to preliminary estimates, it will take about 246 million rubles. In order to establish the exact amount necessary to carry out the design work, which will cost an additional 21 million rubles.

However, on carrying out project works for the restoration of the tomb of the artist’s need to collect 7 million rubles.


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