Wednesday, July 20, 2016

“Ruby” defeated seventh team England – RIA Fresh Wind

<-! Yodda_zagolovok -> Kazan have left no chance “Hammers” Photo: Press- service of FC “Rubin” Kazan defeated “West Ham” with a score of 3: 0

Kazan “Rubin” continues to alternate victories with defeats on the Austrian collection. This time Kazan celebrated success. Moreover, the opponent was very serious – London “West Ham”, who last season finished in 7th place in the Premier League.

The English put the match up, which, nevertheless, can not be called perfect. There was a part of, for example, one of the heroes of the last European Championship Dimitri Payet. But at the heart of Kazan left the familiar to fans Gokhan Tere.

“Ruby” also appeared in almost optimal composition. At least it is clear that Javi Gracia understood the Russian primudrostyah limit on foreign players. Even a little bit too far, throwing the basis of just six players with a Russian passport.

At the gates of the police Ryzhikov looks unshakeable. Defence Line amounted Ustinov, Burlak, Sanchez and Nabiullin. In the middle of the field acting Ilzat Akhmedov, Magomed Ozdoev Samuel Garcia, Millau Tsaktash and Maxime Lestienne. The Edge also acted Marko Devic.

This is a Ukrainian Serbian origin, and opened the scoring. It happened in the 25th minute. The combination has been very elegant. Ahmedov shot at goalkeeper, Maxime Lestienne missed the ball and the Maiden was not just miss the target. 1: 0.

Before the break, the gate flew Londoners and the second ball. Maxime Lestienne dribbled the English defense, went one on one and shot the Spanish keeper, “West Ham” Adrian. 2: 0.

Account to the break could be larger. However Kazan missed a number of beneficial aspects. Good looking and Maxime Lestienne Akhmedov, he conducted attacks Samu. In Kazan defense also acted firmly, not allowing the British to create anything dangerous.

In the second half the players, “Rubin” continued to hold the initiative. Gracia did not change the whole team, limiting all three substitutions. Instead Burlaka Zambrano went instead Maxime Lestienne Tkachuk and Devic replaced Karadeniz.

Turkish veteran of “Rubin” and was destined to become the author of the final goal in the match. Samu scratched the ball from the defender, “Hammers”, and gave it to Karadeniz Gekdeniz, burst into the penalty and calmly laid the ball into the goal. 3: 0 – convincing victory “Ruby”.

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Miroslav Mitrovic


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