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How to survive in Moscow with the “orange” level weather hazard – BBC

This weekend in the capital is expected to unprecedented heat. As reported in the center of the “Phobos”, will be held on Saturday, showers and thunderstorms, but they will not bring coolness: even at night is very warm (+ 17 … + 22 ° C), and in the daytime – + 28 … + 33 ° C. On Sunday, July 17, weather forecasters promise to +15 … + 20 ° C at night and +27 … + 32 ° C during the day.

In this regard, Weather Russia announced in the metropolitan area “orange” level weather risk. Colour-coded levels of weather hazard was invented by British meteorologists, it is now widely accepted in European countries.

In Moscow, this system was introduced after the abnormally hot summer of 2010.

Each color has its own “concentration” of adverse factors. If we talk about the situation on July 16, it is orange Rosgidromettsentr decided her award because of the very high temperatures. Fortunately, the storm and the wind in the city at least is not high content of suspended particles in the air

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«Orange” level is not as dangerous as “red”, but it still means that the health of significant harm may be caused. To prevent this, the city emergency measures taken. For example, in three metro stations ( “South”, “Kuznetsky Most” and “Dmitrov”) ordinary glass lobby doors were replaced by roller blinds – so ventilated platform and at a time when the metro is closed

On the 37 most. hot stations organized room ventilation, and at night all the ventilation shafts are translated into enhanced cold air intake mode. If the temperature at the plant will rise to the level of 28 ° C or above and will remain so for four hours, passengers will be issued free bottled water, fan and wet wipes.

Note that the heat in stations depends not only on the temperature at the surface, but also on the age of the line or its layout. So,

the coolest station – new, because the soil around has not yet had time to warm up

At the stations, where the flooded soils. temperature is lower than at stations located in the dry soil as the water removes excess heat. For example, on the Ring, Kalinin, Arbat-Pokrovskaya and Kakhovska lines colder than Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya, Kaluga, Riga, and even more so on the “older” Sokolniki and Zamoskvoretskaya lines.

In addition, the metro stations in clinics, social institutions and the Internet spread reminder for the public to help them escape from the heat. The main recommendations are: Do not overheat, protect your head and drink plenty of fluids, avoiding sugary fizzy drinks. Rospotrebnadzor elaborated some tips. In particular, the townspeople refuse to recommend dark colors of clothes, synthetic fabric, tight dresses and / or decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Preference is advised to give clothes to the free collar made of natural fabrics in light colors.

«Most wipe wipes behind the ears, apply menthol oil on the temples, to cool off,

face sprinkled with thermal water – said in a recommendations . – Carry ammonia he will recover from sunstroke. Before you leave home, you can drink 75 grams of aspirin, if there is no

contraindications. »

Residents are advised to walk and exercise” a cooler time of the day “,” avoid visiting places with large concentrations of people in the open for solar . rays squares or in poorly ventilated and air-conditioned rooms »

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peaks of heat is recommended to wait in the library or the district social security – for each of them must be equipped with “cool corner” with air conditioning and fresh drinking water. But in general, if possible, Muscovites recommend to escape the city and carry out dangerous days there.

If this is not possible, the house should be appropriately equipped. Windows is dim and the fan is best to put near the window to ensure a flow of fresh air in the room. However, if the average daily temperature is above 26 ° C, the fans will not be saved from heat-related illness, the authors acknowledge the reminder, and advised not to forget to drink plenty. And in the case of fans, and in the case of air conditioning

can not cool the room below 23-25 ​​° C, it can also be harmful to health.

If you use the air conditioning, it is necessary to remember that the windows and doors must be closed.

it is also to Muscovites at least during heat waves recommended to review your diet. “Do not cook dishes that should be put in the oven, especially when you do not have air conditioning, – authors of the appeal memo. – Avoid eating fatty, heavy and spicy food. Carry the main meal in the evening: for breakfast is to eat 35%, for lunch – 25%, and for dinner – 40% of the daily ration »

But to communicate these days citizens should not refuse,. while moving around the city is better minimized.

«Attend and phoning their friends and relatives at risk, particularly the elderly living alone. Remind them that it is necessary to drink fluids rather

and stay cool, “- say the authors of the memo

The special attention in the heat period should be given to persons suffering from mental disorders in. including suicidal. And if among friends there are smokers or people who “excessively drink alcoholic beverages”, the citizens have to make every effort to persuade them to give up bad habits, “because they are able to reinforce the negative impact of heat on the body and increase the risk of heat stroke.”


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