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Died writer Fazil Iskander – the Russian newspaper

Fazil Iskander was a great representative of the literary tradition, which we have yet to evaluate because it seems to disappear

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Judge. My father was a Persian, was born in Iran, had a brick factory in Sukhumi. In 1938 he was deported from the Soviet Union, and more of his father Fazil never seen. A mother – a simple Abkhazian mountain village of Chegem. Then there was the Library Institute in Moscow Literary Institute, working as a journalist in Kursk and Bryansk, the editor of the Abkhaz State Publishing House office. Only in 1990 he lived permanently in Moscow. And all his life he wrote in Russian.

His prose is implicated in the Caucasian legends hails from the air of the Caucasus, was at the same time absolutely Russian prose, a Russian, that can hardly be called a writer of the second half of the twentieth century, which He has done so much for the development of Russian literary epic. Iskander was Opik not just on talent, but on the deep nature. His great “Sandro of Chegem” true epic folk life and at the same time perhaps the modernist work of the late Soviet period, much has been written. Our criticism of the length and breadth of this work examined. He has been compared to the saga of William Faulkner Yoknapatawpha, a fictional South American district in which more of the truth about America than in the most realistic works. You can recall the great “Cola Bryunyuna” Romain Rolland. Much of the world classics can remember. Epic is born in the depths of people’s lives, but a few of the writers of the world is given to express it in a literary work. Iskander Fazil succeeded. And because it is the same Abkhaz writer, as well as Russian, as well as the world.

In Iskander authentic towns and villages of Abkhazia are combined with fictitious. He even invented a new Caucasian peoples – Endurskies and Kungurtsev who wrote in the early childhood, arranging between them on paper fantastic battles

No matter what he wrote Fazil Iskander -. The story of Chike, “Constellation Kozlotura”, ” Rabbits and boas “,” man and its surroundings “,” Sofichka “- all this somehow miraculously became epic, because lit wise and fun look man of the people, the same as what was the opinion of his favorite hero Sandro uncle <. / p>


From an interview with Iskander “RG” in different years

About the shortcomings and laughter. “If the above shortcomings of the country want to laugh, then , the country can still get better. If you laugh at the country’s shortcomings do not want to, so she was already dead. over the dead do not laugh “.

About the economy and cells. ” without a basis of conscience Economy – a menagerie of open cells If the most ideal laws automatically restrict immoral human actions, from this would languish conscience laws unloaded “

About the laws of conscience and ..”. And do not rush it then dishonesty person in such areas, which can not penetrate any law?

About upbringing and chaos. “Some people succumb to education, but humanity as a whole is not educability. God’s existence is a paradox that we have, knowing that humanity is not educability, should live as if it educability. Otherwise, chaos will come “.

About the evil and the abyss. “Today evil vague and therefore scarier What will be the country that will be with us -…. Nobody knows When the Soviet government was confident that will not be worse now that confidence is not the Soviet power, driving us into the pit, thus it protects us from the abyss free man “

About the freedom and generosity ..” – a man sensitive to the freedom of the other, and because it is free and easy self-limiting understand freedom. as a thing for their own consumption – is like saying: “I am a generous man. I am well treated yourself “

About the collapse of the USSR ..” The collapse of the Union, I think a great tragedy – split in a living human community actually existed. That son recently asked me whether, I felt uncomfortable because of that attitude, it is now considered a “person of Caucasian nationality”. Yes, never before have such nonsense was not “

About Russian Literature .” I – of course Russian writer, much to chant Abkhazia. Selection of Russian culture for me was clear. Our classic literature recognized by the world as the most conscientious “.

About the nations and the world. ” The inability of the people to get along with other people is a continuation of the inability to get along with man and man. “

About the national character and “clean blood”. “Define national character is beyond the power of even the greatest minds. But the primitive man, the more intently he understands the “purity” of blood. I want something, throw on their ancestral resentment and failure? But, in reality, there is no national character, is a nationally colored virtues and vices. Sometimes they are so thickly painted that really seem to national character “.

Direct Speech

Evgeny Popov, writer

He died Fazil Iskander …

for me it’s a huge sadness, even personal sadness, because my older go one by one those whom I had the good fortune to know: Aksenov, Astafjevs, Ahmadulina, Ascension, Shukshin … Now – Fazil


I met him, terrible to say, even – it turns out, more than fifty years ago in 1964, I went to the magazine “Youth”, and there met the Iskander I am with him, of course, did not know he was already a celebrity in it… time. He was known as a poet, and had only just begun his fame writer. The first huge his success was when in 1964 suddenly published “Constellation Kozlotura.” This book is the whole country read. and print it failed only because just at the time of Khrushchev had been removed it was terribly funny book, very caustic, satirical, and it is sold at the quotation, as many of his things “interesting initiative, among other things.” -. this phrase from the book by Fazil Iskander. The “Constellation …” because the authorities reacted to any nonsense.

But Fazil, of course, was not a satirist. And the story of the corn, which “promoted” Khrushchev, only pushed his imagination – and there was a novel idea, which want to cross a goat with a tour. He was not a publicist. If he wrote it with a smile, but it smelled much stronger than a direct statement.

 By then it appeared that it is given by God: a brilliant letter, then – philosophy and his unique brand of humor. Not even satire. Satire castigates, and he with a little smile looking at the whole of humanity.

Sometimes, when he allowed himself to direct statement. For example, in the “Constellation Kozlotura” has awful funny scene is staged open-air restaurant, and there are scorpions appeared from somewhere. Ridiculously terrible, and then suddenly – paragraph, as a retreat from Gogol: “Pain, pain everywhere.” This produced a stunning impression.

It really was a master of the aphorism. One of the conversations with him, we called it quote: “If you have nothing to saw chain, spit on them, maybe prorzhaveet”. This, perhaps, was his philosophy. It was not an open fighter. He knew what the Soviet Union and its feasts of Belshazzar. But he managed to say a lot, even in the framework. It was published abroad in practice only one book – “Rabbits and boas”, not published in the Soviet Union. And, of course, the full text of “Sandro of Chegem” was released by the publishing house “Ardis”, because in the Soviet version of several chapters were released.

When I talked to him about the publication of “Sandro of Chegem” in ” new world “, he told me that he had a prolonged depression after this publication. Removed several chapters, is very important for him. He said: “I thought that life was over because I had an affair, but now it is not clear that at all.” While it was great, and the whole country read. But it is not included, for example, the head of the “Mule old Khabug” when Sandro father descends from the mountains into the valley, and every counter drink and toast to their favorite: “To this kumhoz overturned as this glass!”. It’s all gone. And he said that censorship and throw out a lot of detail.

On the other hand, I’m subversive thing to say. He had to avoid obstacles, but sometimes it turns out even better than if he spoke directly. You can read it because he never wrote: “Down with the Communists!”. He never wrote this not directly, of course, not to be planted. But what do I care, for example, that some villain depicted a Communist or a modern way – an official who has stolen so much that he does not know why he so much. Epoch go, but the people remain. That’s why the book can be reread Fazil Iskander. And then it was too well written and funny.

He has a replica that would not come up with any entertainer, even a great Zhvanetskiy. In the chapter, which has not been published in the “New World”, a cosmonaut proposed in a remote village of the Abkhaz drink to “the Komsomol, who trained us.” In response, the young master, a simple man, “coming out of his stupor and acquiring the gift of speech, with an expression of painful speculation uttered in Abkhazian:” Was he stupid hour “” No, they are well taught – Abkhazian as strictly corrected him? uncle Sandro “.

This is a brilliant replica. If you read the book by Fazil Iskander, then such masterpieces can be found full of them. His prose is close to people. She’s not arrogant. She is not evil. It is not offensive. There’s no such : “Oh God! ! See what’s going on in the world, “He understands what’s going on in the world, but, nevertheless, by Fazil -. So what the world is, in this, and we should live still

The only thing that can be. Now for him to do, -… to take and read his book All his books because he does not have walk-through and market things see, left last classic Shukshin, Aksenov, Astafjevs -. it is in this series is

Cheerful quotes

About the sense of burning life

“By the way, Man About Town life – it’s not the people who have given up on the gift of life, and the people who understand the value of life and consistently perform accumulation of the value “

About the chiefs and humanity

.” – If contact a human being, – said the head, raising a wineskin and relish priniknuv to the hole, took a long othleb, checking the quality of the wine, looked up, his lips moving, and listening to the effect of life-giving water to his mouth and throat, exhaled air and putting wineskin to the ground, he added, raising himself a second – then and we as a human … – again looked down to the hole wineskin and again made a good othleb … – and we do not take fire, we are accustomed to the shooting … “

prepared by Igor Virab

When the number was imposed

a spokesman for House of writers Marina Zamsky said that parting with Fazil Iskander will be held in the Great hall of the Central House of writers. The date and funeral time will be announced later.

About the princess, who was able to milk the buffalo:

“I think that this fact does not contradict historical materialism, given the peculiarities of the development of society in mountainous conditions of the Caucasus, even if it does not take into account a great air, who breathed her ancestors and she “

About the chivalrous spirit and the flesh:.

” Uncle Sandro said that sometimes intimate moments that Amazon was not averse to pinch your pet, but he He endured and never cried, because it was a true knight. I suspect that her husband, a peaceful Abkhazian prince, had to endure harsher forms of its despotic temperament. So it is in any case tried to stay on the sidelines “.

About the rope in tragicomic sense:!

“- All take – shouted after him the old tobacco grower. – Just leave
 - Why do you have a rope? – I surprised Uncle Sandro
 - I want to hang! – Cheerfully shouted the old tobacconist: Uncle Sandro put on galoshes, easily stood up and turned to all its advantages, also tall, slender “

About the spirit of Uncle Sandro and galoshes

.” old man, broad-chested and uzkobedrym that blurs iconographic his appearance and at the same time strengthened the spirit of Byzantine perversion, perhaps partly due to the galoshes with curled toes “

About Labour callouses:.

” absently but kindly looking tables, he listened to my question, and stroked his mustache, his head thrown back slightly, touched the delicate crease in the neck.

 - Do you know what it is? – He asked, his eyes brightening
 - Fat, – I answered simplistically
 - Corn, – he said with mock pride
 - From what? – I asked, trying to guess its slender, though not quite clear syllogism
 - Do you think it is easy to be the eternal master of ceremonies, – he said, and threw his head back even stronger, showing that, when you drink all the time necessary to hold it in this position. He again touched to the fold in the neck, and even patted her encouragingly, in the sense that it will serve him another “

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About the kitchens and riots:!

“In both offices canteen kitchen was separated from the common room by a glass partition, sluts to cook all the time were in full view of the workers. It was a personal invention of Prince, which is there in Petersburg, too, might seem ridiculous. But the mutiny on the battleship “Potemkin”, do not forget, gentlemen, began with the cuisine “

About grunting zone:

“! No, no, is there, this is the zone of grunts (bleating, neighing, mooing), neither of which social deafness can be no question “

about the burning sense of life:.

” By the way, Man about Town life – it’s not the people who had given up hand on the gift of life, and people who understand the value of life and consistently perform accumulation of the value “

About the mysteries of female passion:.

” … Finally, the pregnant wife of a young abrek moved to itself home, and he was arrested abrek princess who behaved more violently and recklessly than when uncle Sandro, forgetting that Shashiko, unlike uncle Sandro, a state criminal.

 But who knows the secrets of female passion “

About the chiefs and humanity:

” -? If us like human beings, – said the head, raising a wineskin and relish priniknuv to the hole, made othleb long, checking the quality of wine, looked up, his lips moving, and listening to the effect of life-giving water to his mouth and throat, exhaled air and putting wineskin to the ground, he added, raising himself a second – and then we have a human being … – Again looked down to the hole wineskin and again made a good othleb … – and we do not take fire, we are accustomed to the shooting … “

About the heroines on the job:

” – Sha, girls! – She used to prikriknet young people, so as not to interfere with listening
 - What are you, Aunt Mary? – Ask the most stupid
 - It seems that I will give birth – and she says, throwing a hoe, I go into the bushes. – Guys do not suppose … “

About the power of female solidarity:

” Women of the barn fell silent, listening and wondering fresh details of her curses to remember them and on occasion to apply to business . They listen out with a funny face frankly expressed the duality of their attention, that is, on the faces was written the general expression of pity for the betrayed

 Tali and private curiosity to the story of her curses “.


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